THE MURDER OF MY SWEET – Echoes Of The Aftermath (2017)

THE MURDER OF MY SWEET - Echoes Of The Aftermath (2017) full

Released by Frontiers Music, “Echoes Of The Aftermath” is THE MURDER OF MY SWEET‘s just released new album. 2015 saw the band presenting the concept CD Beth Out Of Hell, a truly interesting record that was described as “almost Wagnerian in style” and favorably compared to such masterpieces as Queensryche’s Operation: Mindcrime by U.K.’s Powerplay Magazine.

“Echoes Of The Aftermath” musically follows on the heels of the previous record, with a more commercial, straight-ahead songwriting approach, but still offering the symphonic and cinematic elements the band is now well-known for. “Echoes Of The Aftermath” showcases a Nordic sound that the members of the band grew up listening to and lyrically takes on issues in tune with our modern day life.
I’m a totally devoted fan of vocalist Angelica Rylin whom I could wax lyrical about until the apocalypse, and drummer / keyboardist Daniel Flores is a great songwriter with a keen ear for commercial flair which means he tends to know exactly the sort of thing that’s going to get your blood pumping.

So, it’s always great to get more The Murder Of My Sweet music but even more so when it sees the band at the top of their game and showcasing all their depth and talent as musicians.
Flores is also an accomplished producer and the band always benefit from his luxurious production jobs – which given the style of the band only makes them sound even more epic.
I really enjoyed the band’s previous album, but I think “Echoes Of The Aftermath” out shines it as it is slightly more accessible and instant.

The Murder Of My Sweet originally were a symphonic metal band but the music on this album occupies the commercial end spectrum of that genre, more emphasis on melody and hooks, less operatic vocals, going for more warmth and diversity and less aggressive whilst retaining a powerful rhythm section and metallic guitar riffs.

Although Flores is principally a drummer he is never shy with his heavy use of keyboards and I think this is one of the key points into my liking the band. The keyboards on this album are simply phenomenal.
Unlike some bands, Flores also utilises keyboards in a wide range rather having a specific style or preference; you’ve got pumping synths, pompous power chords, modern keyboard twists and sweeping atmospherics. He also combines many of these styles within one song to great and exciting effect.

For me one of the things that makes “Echoes Of The Aftermath” stand out against all the other symphonic related acts is it’s unbelievably catchiness and these songs get stuck in your head in a minute.
You find yourself returning to them again and again. I also really like the full sound they create with so much going on in each song.
Vocally Angelica Rylin delivers some stunningly beautiful and stirring moments throughout. She has a rich warm voice that really conveys emotion across in an extremely powerful way. She can do all the operatic style warbling too, but her strength lies in those more majestic and often complex vocal melodies she gives us on many of the songs.

The commercial ‘Personal Hell’ hits you hard from the very first listen, a real The Murder Of My Sweet classic especially due to the beautiful vocal melody from Rylin on the chorus.
A very early contender for song of the year for me though is ‘Shining In The Dark’. Despite it’s heart-breaking lyrics it’s really commercial, with an indelible chorus and some simply heart wrenchingly wonderful vocal melodies. The track is a great example of what emotive, thought provoking and evocative lyricist’s this band are too.
The album closer ‘Inside Outside’ is another great example of this, a ballad with a movie soundtrack feel written all over it.

The Murder Of My Sweet have continued to grow with each release. Although previous albums have gone down the concept route, “Echoes of the Aftermath” heralds a return to a normal standalone songs but without losing any of the bombastic style of the band’s fantastic back catalog.
Whereas before the group let the concept lead, this album is all out rock with symphonic flushes that enhance the listening pleasure. Finally finding their groove, the band have possibly released the best album of their career.
Highly Recommended


01 – Sleeping Giant
02 – Personal Hell
03 – Racing Heart
04 – Cry Wolf
05 – Echoes of the Aftermath
06 – Flatline
07 – Loud as a Whisper
08 – Shining After Dark
09 – Ode to Everyone
10 – Go On
11 – In Risk of Rain
12 – Inside, Outside

Angelica Rylin – Vocals
Christopher Vetter – Guitar, Vocals
Patrik Janson – Bass
Daniel Flores – Drums, Keyboards



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