LAST AUTUMN’S DREAM – In Disguise [Japanese Edition] (2017)

LAST AUTUMN'S DREAM - In Disguise [Japanese Edition] (2017) full

Sweden’s own LAST AUTUMN’S DREAM are to return on 20th January, 2017 with an album of covers of their favorite songs. Titled “In Disguise”, as happens with every new LAD album, the CD has just been released in Japan at the end of past year with the obligatory bonus track.

Last Autumn’s Dream are quickly becoming a legend in Swedish melodic rock music, having released 12 studio albums as well as a live album and a compilation.
“In Disguise” is their 13th record, where the band show their love for the bands / songs that cemented their musical formation.

They have the uncanny knack of producing highly infectious melodic rock music. On many of their studio albums, Last Autumn’s Dream have included a favorite ‘classic’ and made a great job of it too, so they have recorded a whole album full of classics and given them the Last Autumn’s Dream touch.

LAST AUTUMN'S DREAM - In Disguise [Japanese Edition] (2017) inside

Just a glance at the track listing for “In Disguise”, should bring back memories of Sweet, City Boy, Kiss, Streets and Loverboy, to name but a few.

The way the band have added their own slant on the songs is reason enough to give this recording a blast and I’m sure the respective original recording artists would be proud to hear these new versions.
Really, really good stuff.

1. If Love Should Go (Streets / Stelhouse Lane)
2. Jet Airliner Time (Steve Miller Band)
3. Working For The Weekend (Loverboy)
4. Wig Wam Bam (Sweet)
5. Slow Down (John Miles)
6. Need A Little Loving (City Boy)
7. I’ll Bring The Whole World To Your Door (Angel)
8. Just One More Time (Headpins)
9. When I Kissed The Teacher (Abba)
10. All The Way (Kiss)
11. Hey You (Backman Turner Overdrive)
12. Long Gone (Fair Warning) [Japanese Bonus Track]

Mikael Erlandsson – vocals, keyboards & guitar
Peter Pac Söderström – guitars
Jamie Borger – drums, percussion & backing vocals
Nalley Påhlsson – bass & backing vocals
Ulf Wahlberg – keyboards


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