BLACK PAISLEY – Late Bloomer (2017)

BLACK PAISLEY - Late Bloomer (2017) full

Hailing from Sweden’s capital Stockholm, BLACK PAISLEY will release their full-length debut “Late Bloomer” tomorrow January 31, 2017 via the band’s own label.
The band’s origins date back to 1998 as a cover act with a different name, but over the years started to compose their own music inspired by the classic Hard Rock / Melodic Rock sounds.

The group played several gigs in the UK, Netherlands, Sweden and Norway and built up a strong reputation around its name, Black Paisley, took from Richie Sambora’s Fender signature guitar.
In Autumn 2014 the 5-piece started the recording process in Sundsvall with producer Johan Derborn (Takida).
The result is this punchy, classic melodic hard rock record plenty of rich deep bluesy infused vocals mixed with intricate guitar hooks, strong melodic flashes and effective backing vocals.

Stefan Blomqvist vocals are soulful and emotional, the guitars are ‘crunchy’, melodic and, when needed, heavier while the rhythm section is solid providing a great bounce.
They start with the killer “Run Run Run”, a guitar driven hard rocker with a British feel. Next “Way To Something” adds a classic rock atmosphere, while “Easy” is a great midtempo which reminds me an Burning Rain track from the past.

Continuing the album in the same rocking quality we have “Kickin”, “This Is My Day” and the very strong semi-ballad “Ordinary Day”.
I can see why the band have chosen their name listening to “This Is My Day” as the tune brings memories of Richie Sambora’s second solo album Undiscovered Soul. Really solid stuff.
Finally, closing the disc melodically there’s the highly vocally harmonized “It Ain’t Over” and the sweet acoustically filled “Coming Home”.

Coming from the amazing musical scene of Sweden, Black Paisley has delivered a record that is not a ‘Late Bloomer’ at all. It may have take them many years to put out their debut, but the quality on offer well worth the wait.
Fans of classic melodic hard rock with a bluesy background and AORish pinches need to check these guys pronto.
Very, Highly Recommended


01 – Run Run Run
02 – Way to Something
03 – Easy
04 – Ordinary Day
05 – Autumn
06 – Kickin’
07 – This Is My Day
08 – It Ain’t Over
09 – Coming Home

Stefan Blomqvist: lead vocals, guitar
Ulf Hedin: guitar, backing vocals
Jan Emanuelsson: bass
Robert Wirensjö: keyboards, backing vocals
Robert Karaszi: drums, percussion



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