BEN GRANFELT – Another Day (2017)

BEN GRANFELT - Another Day (2017) full

BEN GRANFELT‘s previous album was one if the best of that year for this blog, and now he’s back 2017 with his amazing band and another superb record titled “Another Day“.
For the initiated, Ben Granfelt is an experienced musician from Finland that was part of Gringos Locos, Guitar Slingers and Leningrad Cowboys, but he become more known for his partnership with Andy Powell in Wishbone Ash some years ago.
Besides playing in those acts since the mid-Eighties, Granfelt has built up a solid solo career on the side.

Ben Granfelt’s “Another Day” hits home with its unmistakable hard thinking start and sense of proportion, this is an album which starts as it means to go and never wavers from the sense of outraged justice it wishes to convey, to shoulder into the mean battlefields’ armaments, and take them to the place where all weapons of destruction should be left, in the realms of history, consigned to rot.
The only weapon truly required is authenticity and it’s something that Ben Granfelt truly holds close by and in the nearest holster.

Classic rock, tasteful heavy blues harmonies and a melodic feel all over is the motto of “Another Day”. True, honest and tasteful.
In tracks such as the opener title song ‘Another Day’, ‘Shine Like The Sun Over Me’, ‘Endless’, ‘Heart On Your Sleeve’ and ‘You Are What You Is’, the energy is overflowing, the electricity has no idea where to go so it does the only thing that is left to, fill the ears of those listening and watch the buzz grow and swell.

BEN GRANFELT - Another Day (2017) inside

The star on the record is obviously Granfelt’s exquisite guitar playing, terrific tone and melodies, but he is an accomplished singer too, and his bandmates provide a warm, steady instrumental companion.
Seriously, Ben Granfelt is a six-string giant, never overblown, never boring, always imaginative and the tone, omg what a guitar tone!
If you want to listen something good, really good, don’t miss Ben Granfelt Band’s “Another Day”… true Classic Rock as it should be done.

01 – Hangman’s Tree
02 – Another Day
03 – Wayward Child
04 – Shine Like The Sun Over Me
05 – Endless
06 – Open Road, Open Book
07 – Heart On Your Sleeve
08 – Rocking The Boat
09 – Sweet Love
10 – You Are What You Is

Guitar, Lead Vocals – Ben Granfelt
Bass – Joni Vihervä
Drums – Miri Miettinen


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