ACCEPT – Restless And Live [2CD] (2017)

ACCEPT - Restless And Live [2CD] (2017) full

When metal titans ACCEPT returned to the stage in 2009, nobody knew that this reunion would also lead to a union of older and younger metal generations, nor that guitar matador Wolf Hoffmann and his fellows were just starting the most successful chapter of their band’s history. After nearly seven years, countless live sensations and three successful studio albums (with Blind Rage even achieving #1 in the official German charts) it is time: ACCEPT have bundled the energy, the rage and the thunderstorm of their 40-year career into a new live, double album titled “Restless And Live“, for the first time since their comeback.

“Restless And Live” captures Accept all over Europe, delivering energetic performances in each recording.
The set begins with “Stampede” from the band’s 2014 ‘Blind Rage’ album. The intro and first few riffs sound out into the night and already I feel like I’m part of the audience. Audio wise, the sound quality is clean, clear and punchy as Hell.
We get a few songs in and “London Leather Boys” is up. This song, from the iconic ‘Balls to the Wall’ is legendary and I resist the urge to jump on and start head banging.

Frontman Mark Tornillo is in top form with his voice being greatly mixed to stand aside the guitar riffs which are monstrous.
Then comes the hat tip to the legends of metal in “Dying Breed”, followed by “The Final Journey” – complete with guitarist Wolf Hoffmann‘s classical solo, which incorporates composer Edvard Grieg’s Morning Mood from Grieg’s opera ‘Peer Gynt 23’ towards the end of the song. While this is on the studio album and not a surprise, hearing it live invokes a new energy from the crowd as Hoffmann grins his way through the solo.

Heading back in time, the boys bring the epic “Losers and Winners” to the crowd. It’s one of my favourite songs off ‘Balls to the Wall’, and just sounds amazing live.
Half way through “No Shelter”, Hoffmann and bassist Peter Baltes take to the front of scene and have an awesome duel.
A few more songs in and “Dark Side of my Heart” appears on the set list. It is a highlight for me on Blind Rage, with its snappy riffs and rhythm, and listening to the band perform this live is a real treat.
Of course there’s the classics such as “Metal Heart”, “Restless and Wild” and “Balls to the Wall”, all done awith a rejuvenated fire.

Accept’s “Restless And Live” really rocks, capturing a band in a full blast.
All from founder members Hoffmann / Peter Baltes, the seasoned Mark Tornillo and the new, young guys in the band Christopher Williams and Uwe Lulis perfectly mesh together, resulting in a killer live record.

ACCEPT - Restless And Live [2CD] (2017) back

Everything about the performances is excellent. It has a good balance of old and new material and the band are obviously enjoying themselves in front of the crowd.
In terms of sound, it’s one of the best metal live recordings from the last 25 years.
Next January 13th go an get “Restless And Live” and crank it to 11. There’s a DVD / Blu-ray version as well.

CD 1:
1 Stampede (Live in St. Petersburg 2015)
2 Stalingrad (Live in St. Petersburg 2015)
3 Hellfire (Live in Saarbrücken 2015)
4 London Leatherboys (Live in Moscow 2015)
5 Living for Tonite (Live in Saarbrücken 2015)
6 200 Years (Live in Pratteln 2015)
7 Demon’s Night (Live in Hannover 2015)
8 Dying Breed (Live in Saarbrücken 2015)
9 Final Journey (Live in Moscow 2015)
10 From the Ashes We Rise (Live in Hannover 2015)
11 Losers and Winners (Live in Berlin 2015)
12 No Shelter (Live in Minsk 2015)
13 Shadow Soldiers (Live in Grenoble 2015)
14 Midnight Mover (Live in Sofia 2015)

CD 2:
1 Starlight (Live in Yekaterinburg 2015)
2 Restless and Wild (Live in Moscow 2015)
3 Son of a Bitch (Live in Saarbrücken 2015)
4 Pandemic (Live in Saarbrücken 2015)
5 Dark Side of My Heart (Live in Yekaterinburg 2015)
6 The Curse (Live in Krakow 2015)
7 Flash Rocking Man (Live in Saarbrücken 2015)
8 Bulletproof (Live in Saarbrücken 2015)
9 Fall of the Empire (Live in Saarbrücken 2015)
10 Fast as a Shark (Live in Moscow 2015)
11 Metal Heart (Live in St. Petersburg 2015)
12 Teutonic Terror (Live in St. Petersburg 2015)
13 Balls to the Wall (Live in St. Petersburg 2015)

Wolf Hoffmann – Guitar
Peter Baltes – Bass
Mark Tornillo – Vocals
Christopher Williams – Drums
Uwe Lulis – Guitar

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