TOMMY HEART (Fair Warning) – Spirit Of Time [Japanese Edition +2] (2016)

TOMMY HEART (Fair Warning) - Spirit Of Time [Japanese Edition +2] (2016) full

After many years in the music business, Fair Warning vocalist TOMMY HEART is releasing today in Europe his first solo album “Spirit Of Time“. The album has appeared in Japan past week with 2 bonus tracks.

Technically, this is not Tommy’s first solo album, as apart from his work with Fair Warning and Soul Doctor, he has recorded with other projects yet basically these were solo material.
“Spirit Of Time” is his first released under his own name, and of course, many friend musicians he collected all over the years are present here such as Oliver Hartmann (Avantasia, At Vance), Jonas Reingold (Karmakanik, Midnight Sun), Tommy Denander (Radioactive), Leif Sundin (Treat) and many more.
Fair Warning bandmates Andy Malecek & Helge Engelke provide guitar licks and solos as well.

On “Spirit Of Time”, Heart feels free to thresh his varied influences, however, as expected, this is a Melodic Rock album in the pure European tradition.
There’s catchy tunes in the title track, the very-Fair Warning ‘Back For More’, the commercial ‘Do Not Leave This Way’ or ‘Best Times’, the latter very much in the Last Autumn’s Dream vein.

Heart’s vocal shine on midtempo ‘You And Me’, and we have an elaborated rocker in ‘In The Eye Of The Storm’ with a Radioactive / Tommy Denander feel, a true highlight.
As said, the vocalist leaves room for his other influences on the pop affair ‘Catch Me If I Fall’ (still with a rocking blood inside) and his cover of The Beatles’ ‘Help!’ arranged in a really original semi-ballad structure.
This Japan Edition adds a Special Version of the title track with some Japanese lyrics for his Asian fans (Heart is a star there), and a different, more smooth mix of ‘Do Not Leave This Way’.

TOMMY HEART (Fair Warning) - Spirit Of Time [Japanese Edition +2] (2016) inside

As part of Fair Warning Tommy Heart already showed his amazing vocal talent delivering some of the greatest ever Melodic Rock albums for the genre.
His first solo record “Spirit Of Time” not only includes some memorable tunes but also continues showcasing the singer’s exquisite vocals, in top form.
Polished, highly melodic, perfectly produced and mixed stuff to end this year with a great collection of melodic rock songs in your player.
Highly Recommended

01 – Spirit Of Time (Special Version) [Japan Bonus]
02 – Back For More
03 – Do Not Leave This Way
04 – Best Times
05 – You And Me
06 – In The Eye Of The Storm
07 – Lean On My Shoulder
08 – Born to Run
09 – Catch Me If I Fall
10 – Touch Of Heaven
11 – Help!
12 – Build Your Life On Me
13 – Spirit Of Time (Original Version)
14 – Do Not Leave This Way (Special Mix) [Japan Bonus]

Tommy Heart: vocals guitar, keyboards
guest musicians:
Torsten Luederwaldt (Fair Warning, Dreamtide)
Andy Malecek (Fair Warning, Last Autumn´s Dream)
Helge Engelke (Fair Warning, Dreamtide)
Alex Strauch (She´s China)
Oliver Hartmann (Avantasia, At Vance)
Jonas Reingold (Karmakanik, Midnight Sun)
Tommy Denander (Radioactive)
Leif Sundin (Treat)
and many more


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