THE LORDS OF NEW CHURCH – The Method To Our Madness (HD Tracks remastered 2016)

THE LORDS OF NEW CHURCH - The Method To Our Madness (HD Tracks remastered 2016) full

Very much an unspoken influence on ’80s L.A. area glammy hard rock bands, THE LORDS OF NEW CHURCH‘s final album “The Method To Our Madness” finally received a proper remaster now, released by specialists

Formed in 1982, the band comprised the punk pioneers Stiv Bators (The Dead Boys), Brian James (The Damned), Dave Tregunna (Sham 69) & Nick Turner (The Barracudas), and for this album appeared in 1984 (1985 in the US, remixed) The Lords Of The New Church blended British / American sounds going for a more traditional (and commercial) straight ahead ’80s style mixing hard rock, pop and a pinch of goth akin early The Cult.

Produced by hard rock specialized guru Chris Tsangarides “The Method To Our Madness” is plenty of atmospheres but basically it’s a very guitar-driven record mostly dominated by Brian James’ snarling, upfront riffs through Marshall amp.
Stiv also showed that he could hold his own as a singer every bit as much as a punk rock screamer and at times his vocals are really smooth and very melodic, especially evident in the song ‘When Blood Runs Cold’.
This album influenced many future famous bands such as Guns N’ Roses who opened for The Lords in their American ’86 tour.

First cut, title track ‘Method To My Madness’, is a hard driving rocker that opened many The Lords shows for the rest of their career.
Other outstanding tracks on this album are ‘My Kingdom Come’ and especially the pair of ‘I Never Believed’ and ‘Pretty Baby Scream’ where you can hear why this record obviously was meticulously listened by lots up and coming L.A. glammy rock bands.

THE LORDS OF NEW CHURCH - The Method To Our Madness (HD Tracks remastered 2016) hdtracks

Highly melodic and slickly produced “The Method To Our Madness” always has been to me an album getting repeated listens from time to time via a worn LP.
I heard a previous remaster – quite poor – but this fresh version is fantastic, punchier, with a lifted bass spectrum and perfectly balanced.
The Lords Of The New Church should have been huge and “The Method To Our Madness” more widely known, so this is the perfect opportunity to enjoy this really good album in all its splendor.
Highly Recommended

01 – Method To My Madness
02 – I Never Believed
03 – Pretty Baby Scream
04 – S.F. & T.
05 – When The Blood Runs Cold
06 – Fresh Flesh
07 – Murder Style
08 – The Seducer
09 – Kiss Of Death
10 – Do What Thou Wilt
11 – My Kingdom Come

Stiv Bators – vocals
Brian James – guitar
Dave Tregunna – bass, backing vocals
Nick Turner – drums, backing vocals


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