SAMMY HAGAR – This Is Sammy Hagar Volume 1 : When The Party Started (2016)

SAMMY HAGAR - This Is Sammy Hagar Volume 1 : When The Party Started (2016) full

This Is Sammy Hagar Volume 1 : When The Party Started“, is the new compilation album showcasing 12 highlights from SAMMY HAGAR‘s catalogue, some of them remixed, plus 2 brand new tracks.
The collection, which starts from his solo album post Van Halen, ‘Red Voodoo’ in 1999, through to ‘Livin’ It Up’ in 2006, also includes a new remix of ‘Sam I Am’, which will be the new theme song for season two of his acclaimed TV show ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Road Trip’.
The CD features as well two new Hagar-penned tracks; “No Worries” and “I Never Got To Say Goodbye”.

“With this collection, I wanted to revisit the music which would come to redefine my career post Van Halen,” explained Hagar. “It was the first time since I’d joined Montrose in 1972 that I was free from the weight of being in a superstar, high-pressure band and the commercial machine that came with it.
I was not interested in the big recording industry machine, well known producers, or major label A&R people telling me what to do.
In fact, when I finished some songs I ran them by my friends at major labels, they would all say “this is not what we want from Sammy Hagar”. And I would say “but THIS IS SAMMY HAGAR, this is who Sammy Hagar is today!”.

This is when the party started; I played hundreds, maybe thousands, of shows anywhere and everywhere without a set list and built a hard-core following of ‘Redheads’. They were really into what we were doing.
These are some of the special songs, and some of the special times in my musical life, that I want to share with you in this special collection.”

The collection, released in time for the holidays, offers fans of the multi-platinum recording artist, Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductee and Grammy-winning singer and songwriter an introspective and always entertaining playlist which has been personally curated by The Red Rocker.


01. Stand Up
02. Serious Juju
03. Little Bit More
04. Ten 13
05. The Real Deal
06. Tropic Of Capricorn
07. Maui Wowie
08. Shag [Outtake Mix] (+)
09. Halfway To Memphis
10. Sam I Am (+)
11. Livin’ On A Coastline
12. One Sip
13. No Worries (*)
14. Never Said Goodbye (*)

* New track
+ Alternate new mix

Sammy Hagar: lead vocals, guitar
Victor Johnson: guitar
David Lauser: drumsAustin Delone: keys
Bob Daspit: guitar, percussion
Mona Gnader: bass, backing vocals
Dave Zirbel, Roy Rogers: guitar
Rosendo Rodriguez: the Mariachis
Nicole Summerwood: backing vocals



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