RANDY MEISNER – One More Song [Digitally Remastered] (2016)

RANDY MEISNER - One More Song [Digitally Remastered] (2016) full

Considered cult classics among smooth AOR aficionados, British label BGO has just released a 2-in-1 CD of both RANDY MEISNER most successful albums remastered with pristine quality. Founding member of Poco and The Eagles alongside Glenn Frey & Don Henley, Meisner formally quit the band in September 1977 for a solo career.
One More Song” is the second solo studio album by Randy Meisner released in late 1980, sporting the smooth FM Rock sound typical from the era.

While “One More Song” has an obvious Eagles feel on a couple of tracks – Meisner may be the “forgotten” Eagle member but he defined the band’s sound in many ways – I always considered this album more “80s” in terms of songwriting & sound.
In many ways, it reminds me Benny Mardones mixing a bright production on the uptempo songs a smoothness on the midtempo / ballads.

“Hearts On Fire” open the album in the melodious rock tradition sound coming from Southern California in the early ’80s. If properly promoted it should have been a hit single (briefly reached Top 20), and its sound is for early Eighties AOR fans delight.
“Gotta Get Away” add acoustics and owns a great chorus plenty of elaborated vocal arrangements and harmonies (a genre’s trademark), while “Come On Back To Me” is a pure early ’80s West Coast tune mentioned by many as one of the best from the era.

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“Deep Inside My Heart” rock again with an L.A. feel featuring the presence of Kim Carnes on a lead vocal duet with Randy; then “I Need You Bad” is definitely Eagles in its beautiful harmonies.
“One More Song” has Glenn Frey & Don Henley on backing vocals, the elegant “Trouble Ahead” is one of the highlights on the album (great atmospheres), while midtempo “White Shoes” brings to mind Brock Walsh.

This is a great remaster very well balanced avoiding brickwall, taken from the original tapes as source.
Lovely stuff

01 – Hearts On Fire
02 – Gotta Get Away
03 – Come On Back To Me
04 – Deep Inside My Heart
05 – I Need You Bad
06 – One More Song
07 – Trouble Ahead
08 – White Shoes
09 – Anyway Bye Bye

Randy Meisner – vocals, guitar, bass
Kim Carnes – lead vocals on 4, background vocals
Bryan Garofalo – bass
Bill Cuomo – synthesizer
Craig Krampf – drums
Sterling Smith – keyboards
Wendy Waldman – guitar, vocals, background vocals
Craig Hull – guitar, pedal steel
Michael Jacobsen – saxophone
Don Francisco – percussion, vocals, background vocals
Glenn Frey, Don Henley – harmony & background vocals


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