LOVERBOY – Loverboy [BGO Digitally Remastered]

LOVERBOY - Loverboy [BGO Digitally Remastered] full

Requested some time ago and not easy to find, here’s the remastered reissue of LOVERBOY’s self-titled debut, released by BGO Records in a 2-on-1 CD including second album Get Lucky.

Formed in 1979 in Calgary, Alberta, Loverboy was a hit machine from the start, with their self-titled debut spawning the classics ‘The Kid Is Hot Tonite’ and ‘Turn Me Loose’ plenty of synths & steady guitars, which have become arena rock staples.
With a sonic dream-team including Bruce Fairbairn producing and Bob Rock &Mike Fraser engineering, the band fronted by talented vocalist Mike Reno and conducted by guitarist Paul Dean created a catchy, almost danceable melodic rock / AOR / rock&pop debut here.

The most impressive songs are the ones that earned the band their early airplay: ‘The Kid Is Hot Tonite’ is a radio-ready rocker that slickly balances midtempo guitar riffs with surging synthesizer lines, and “Turn Me Loose” is a clever multi-genre hybrid that blends hard rock guitar, a jumpy beat, and AOR keyboard flourishes into a final product with across-the-board appeal.

The remaining songs are just as interesting as the hits because they are similar in style and energy: ‘Teenage Overdose’ blends gritty hot guitar riffs with snarling lyrics and a pop melody, while ‘Little Girl’ filters classic rock through new wave sonic techniques to create a retro-styled power pop tune worthy of Cheap Trick.

These ambitious hybrids are performed with style and economy by the band, and special note should also be taken of Mike Reno’s vocals: whether he’s paying tribute to the greats on ‘Little Girl’ or hitting the peak of his falsetto range in ‘Turn Me Loose’, he tackles every number with vivacity and verve.

LOVERBOY - Loverboy [BGO Digitally Remastered] back

The end result alongside the bright production makes perfect car stereo listening – the ultimate compliment for an AOR record.
In short, Loverboy is a must for the group’s fans and an excellent pick for anyone who enjoys the classic, unrepeatable ’80s sounds. This is a really good remaster giving the original some air without losing its essence.


01 – The Kid Is Hot Tonite
02 – Turn Me Loose
03 – Always On My Mind
04 – Lady Of The 80’s
05 – Little Girl
06 – Prissy Prissy
07 – Teenage Overdose
08 – D.O.A.
09 – It Don’t Matter

Mike Reno: lead vocals
Paul Dean: guitar, vocals
Doug Johnson: keyboards, vocals
Scott Smith: bass, vocals
Matt Frenette: drums
additional personnel:
Wayne Kozak: saxophone
Nancy Nash: lead and background vocals
Maggie Ryder: background vocals



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