GREATEST COMEBACK of 2016 : PUNKY MEADOWS – Fallen Angel [Special Edition +2] (2016)

PUNKY MEADOWS - Fallen Angel [Special Edition +2] (2016) full

Near the end of the year, it’s time to recap about the best 2016 releases, by category.
For 0dayrox, the Greatest Comeback of the year was talented PUNKY MEADOWS reappearance after a near 35 year-hiatus from the music industry. 
And he did it with a bang, the killer “Fallen Angel”.

The name PUNKY MEADOWS may not ring a bell for some, but if you’re a classic rock fan you probably has heard him playing; he was the guitarist of seminal Pomp-Rock giants Angel alongside Gregg Giuffria. Now, 2016, and after many many years Meadows is back into the scene with his new album ‘cleverly’ titled “Fallen Angel“. This Special Edition includes 2 juicy bonus tracks

It’s been 35 years since Angel split and after all that time of hiatus from the music industry, Punky Meadows returns as solo artist. He and close friend Danny “The Farrow” Anniello (Lords Of Mercy) teamed up to write 15 new songs.
Punky’s new band also includes former Angel bandmate Felix Robinson on bass, Bobby Pantella (Monster Magnet) on drums, Charlie Calv (Shotgun Symphony) on keyboards and, on vocals, perhaps the winning card on the album; the terrific Chandler Mogel (Outloud).

Fallen Angel kicks off with “Descent”, a GOD-like, spoken word introduction of the Angelic Guitar Virtuoso, Punky Meadows. If you ever seen Angel live in concert (or a video), this type of intro was done for each band member as they took stage. Pompous indeed.
This leads into the first proper track “The Price You Pay”, and what a song… a very catchy tune with rich harmonics and a smooth guitar solo. “Straight Shooter” is another great number that has you singing along with the AORish chorus.
Now for one of my personal favorites: “Loaded Gun”, a kicking hard rocker with a monster riff and great lead vocals by Mogel that will get your head banging and wanting to hear it over and over (no pun intended, Angel fans will know what I mean).

The next two songs, “Lost And Lonely” and “Home Wrecker” definitely sound like they would have (should have) been on Angel’s Sinful album. These songs are a wanted flashback that will get Punky fans excited.
“I Wanna Be Your Drug” adds a poppy vibe and the solo is one of the best on the album, plenty of melody. “Leavin’ Tonight” is an acoustic love song that I can visualize being done live when Punky goes on tour. Get the spotlight ready for the electrified blazing solo.

More quality comes with the summer-ready melodic rocker “Searchin’”, the anthemic “Shadow Man”, the groovy “Something Strange”, the AOR / keyboard driven “Shake Shake” and the feel-good “Summertime Love”. With Summer just around the corner, these 5 songs will get you in the beach party mood.
Finishing off the regular release is the title track, “Fallen Angel”, an instrumental rock anthem that showcases the legend that is Punky Meadows. This kick-ass piece will get you wanting to jump on your seat and start jamming on the air guitar and breaking out your lighters.

This Special Edition features 2 bonus tracks: ‘They Don’t Like My Ways’ rocks with a sizzling guitar work of Punky and featuring rhythm guitarist Danny Anniello on lead vocals providing a more groovy vocal feel, and there’s a second version of ‘Summertime Love’ with alternate guitar lines / solo by Punky.

PUNKY MEADOWS - Fallen Angel [Special Edition +2] (2016) back

“Fallen Angel” really surprised me: I didn’t expect an album of this quality from Punky Meadows. You know, more than 30 years off the scene… but the man does not disappoints; Punky is playing better than ever and put together one hell of a band.
Felix Robinson is solid as granite and with the history between him and Punky, I couldn’t see anyone else on the bass. Bobby Pantella does a killer job with his thunderous drumming. And Chandler Mogel was the right choice; his range is spot on for Punky’s genre.

Once you listen to this album, you would never imagine that it’s been 35 years since Punky released any material.
As a die-hard Angel fan, I want to give a very heart-full ‘Thank You’ to Danny Anniello for teaming up with, and convincing Punky Meadows to release this solo album.


01 – Descent
02 – The Price You Pay
03 – Straight Shooter
04 – Breathless and Jaded
05 – Loaded Gun
06 – Lost And Lonely
07 – Home Wrecker
08 – I Wanna Be Your Drug
09 – Leaving Tonight
10 – Searchin
11 – Something Strange
12 – Shadow Man
13 – Shake Shake
14 – Summertime Love
15 – Fallen Angel
Special Edition Bonus Tracks;
16 – They Don’t Like My Ways
17 – Summertime Love (Alt. Lead Guitar)

Chandler Mogel (Outloud) – Vocals
Punky Meadows (Angel) – Lead Guitar
Danny Anniello (Lords Of Mercy) – Rhythm Guitar
Felix Robinson (Angel) – Bass, Vocals
Bobby Pantella (Monster Magnet) – Drums
Charlie Calv (Shotgun Symphony) – Keyboards



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