Best Melodic Rock album 2016, Bronze Medal : TYKETTO – Reach +1 (2016) [retail]

TYKETTO - Reach +1 (2016) [retail] full

Near the end of the year, it’s time to recap about the best 2016 releases, by category.
For 0dayrox, the Bronze Medal to the best Melodic Rock album of the year goes to TYKETTO’s “Reach”.

One of my favorite Melodic Rock bands – TYKETTO – returned this year with new album “Reach“, arguably one of the best of their career.
After five years of relentless touring that included a great comeback album (Dig In Deep, 2012) and playing in some of the most prestigious stages on the planet, Tyketto took their revitalized energy with a new line-up into the studio in the spring of 2016.
Always fronted by the unique Danny Vaughn, now the band includes two young guitarists plus excellent keyboard player Ged Rylands (X-TEN, Rage Of Angels) – the group recorded this new album at the legendary Rockfield Studios in Wales (Queen, Rush), and the result is this “Reach”, one of the best albums of their career.

“Reach” captures all the catchiness from Tyketto’s debut with a modern, updated sound.
There’s some true Melodic Rock gems here and I have to salute Danny Vaughn not only for keeping his voice in top form, but also for writing the type of songs that we, the fans, want from Tyketto.
He’s still got power and pitch perfect delivery, and with a subtle natural grit Vaughn is one of the stars on this release. And the songs, of course.

All are strong, melodic and with some degree of catchiness Standout cuts for me are the title track, the adrenaline induced mover “Big Money”, the very ealy ’90s “Kick Like A Mule”, and the wonderful “Tearing Down The Sky” that echoes the ‘Forever Young’ era of the band.
“Letting Go” is a more laid-back song in a typical Tyketto midtempo mastery with a beautiful melody and Vaughn’s superb vocal lines.
“Remember My Name”, “Sparks Will Fly” and the tune that closes the new record, “The Run”, are all three superb pieces of Tyketto 2016 showcasing their current musicians skills.

But among these terrific numbers, if I have to pick one it should be the AOR waves of the Survivor-ish “I Need It Now”. It’s yet another killer tune with a huge chorus, flavored with a strong late ’80s vibe and a main melody to die for.
As bonus track- digital exclusive – we have the wonderful ‘Precious Little Gets Away’, a groovy midtempo in the classic Tyketto vein.

TYKETTO - Reach +1 (2016) [retail]

Yes, with “Reach” Tyketto brings back their classic sound / songwriting but also a refreshed punch thanks to the new blood accompanying Danny Vaughn now. The band sound fantastic and production is bright, vibrant.
This is an album that will please both old and new fans, but essentially, to any true, serious Melodic Rock aficionado out there. One of the Albums Of The Year for me.

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01 – Reach
02 – Big Money
03 – Kick Like a Mule
04 – Circle the Wagons
05 – I Need It Now
06 – Tearing Down the Sky
07 – Letting Go
08 – The Fastest Man Alive
09 – Remember My Name
10 – Sparks Will Fly
11 – Scream
12 – The Run
13 – Precious Little Gets Away (Digi Bonus Track)

Danny Vaughn – lead vocals
Chris Green – guitar, vocals
Ged Rylands – keyboards, vocals
Chris Childs – bass, vocals
Michael Clayton – drums, percussion, vocals



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