Best AOR album 2016, Honorable Mention : WILD ROSE – Four [Hellenic Limited Edition +2] (2016)

WILD ROSE - Four [Hellenic Limited Edition +2] (2016) full

Near the end of the year, it’s time to recap about the best 2016 releases, by category.
For 0dayrox, an Honorable Mention among the best AOR albums of the year deservedly goes to WILD ROSE’s “4”.

After three celebrated records, WILD ROSE presented this year a brand new opus aptly titled “4“, their best to date. This “4 / Hellenic Limited Edition” (Greek release) features different artwork, and it’s a hand numbered, 300 copies Limited Edition including 2 exclusive bonus tracks.

Cementing a strong fan base during their 10 years of existence, when a new album from Greeks Wild Rose are coming you know what to expect; lovely melodies, beautiful harmonies, catchy choruses and a pure late ’80s AOR vibe.

For this new release Wild Rose and their original singer George Bitzios joined forces 2016 and the result is, once again, a terrific piece of fluffy-melodious, keyboard-driven AOR / melodic rock in its purest form.
“Desperate Heart”, the first single, is a true melodic rock bliss and for sure, one of the album’s highlights. Smooth, melodious and with a catchy chorus line to sing-a-long all day.

Next “Love Can Change You” is a more straight forward rocker, another great sample of Wild Rose’s ability to recreate the sound of the golden decade. Simple, sweet to the ears and always in an old-fashioned way that will please even the most demanding fan of this scene.

What can you expect from a song titled “Summer Girl”? Indeed a feel-good melodic tune with a catchy chorus to enjoy at the beach this upcoming summertime.
“Time After Time” is a super smooth number, while in “Love Games” we have a killer commercial AOR melody crowned by a punchy chorus, excellent arrangements and tasty guitar work.

In “Hot Wired” the boys turn things a bit more rockin’ yet still plenty of contagious melodies, then in “Save The Night” Wild Rose delivers one of the best AOR ballads recently appeared.
The Strangeways-inspired “Broken Hearted”, the sharp “Waiting For You” and the last one, “Don’t Let Me Down” (another highlight) are as well really strong, very well structured and performed with gusto.

This “Four / Hellenic Limited Edition” includes 2 exclusive bonuses, the highly melodic midtempo “Sleepless Night” plenty of wonderful harmonies, and ‘When It Comes To You’, a punchy melodic rocker wrapped with, of course, a total ’80s production feel.
Both extras worth the purchase, believe me.

WILD ROSE - Four [Hellenic Limited Edition +2] (2016) back

Wild Rose are back with a killer release in “4”, their best record to date without a doubt.
First, songwriting is excellent if we speak about pure ’80s AOR / Melodic Rock, second, the guys have incredibly grown as musicians, and third, finally the band has been able to obtain the true classic sound from the genre so hard to reproduce nowadays, with a glossy production and a punchy, vigorous output.
Fans of Strangeways, Shy, FM/Overland, in short, Classic AOR, you need Wild Rose’s “4” in your collection.

01 – Desperate Heart
02 – Love Can Change You
03 – Summer Girl
04 – Time After Time
05 – Love Games
06 – Hot Wired
07 – Save the Night
08 – Broken Hearted
09 – Waiting for You
10. Don’t Let Me Down
11. Sleepless Night
12. When It Comes To You

Andy Rock – Guitars, Backing Vocals, Keyboards
George Bitzios – Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals
Dirty Haris – Keyboards
John Bitzios – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Dimos Thomaidis – Drums, Percussion
Panos Barkoutsos – Bass
Chris Siloma – Backing Vocals & Choirs


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