BOBBY KIMBALL – We’re Not In Kansas Anymore (2016)

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Former iconic Toto vocalist BOBBY KIMBALL has just released his new album “We’re Not In Kansas Anymore“, his third solo record. The CD sees him joining forces again with producer, songwriter and keyboarder David Zaika (which was the driving force behind Kimball’s previous effort) and excellent multi-instrumentalist Dave Barnett, who also plays all over the recording.
“We’re Not In Kansas Anymore” captures the legacy of the Toto flavored sound; melodious rock, polyphonic arrangements, and a great sound. Bobby Kimball still remains unmistakable, his vocals are pretty unique.

Bobby Kimball is the original lead singer of the band Toto. It was Kimball’s soaring tenor lead vocals on those legendary hits including Rosanna, Hold the Line, Africa, and I’ll Supply the Love that made him so recognizable.
He won six Grammy awards from the album Toto IV. His tenure with the band spanned from 1977-1984, and he rejoined the band 1998-2008.

In 1994 Kimball released his first solo album followed by All I Ever Needed in 1996, teamed up with John Zaika. Since then Kimball released some singles and EP, but we had to wait twenty years for a full length new album.
Well worth the wait, believe me.

In 2016, for “We’re Not in Kansas Anymore” Kimball and Zaika joined again, this time with some of the players from All I Ever Needed, plus a new breed of multi-talented musicians and vocalists, including David Barnett who co-wrote all the songs, and co-produced on the project.
The album also features drummer Joel Taylor, keyboardist Mitchel Forman (ex-John McLaughlin), monster bassist Brian Bromberg (who shares co-production credit), superb keyboardist Derek Sherinian, and many more.

What first impressed me on “We’re Not in Kansas Anymore” is the fantastic production quality. Second, Kimball still can sing (and very well), and third, and not less important, the really good songs on offer.
If you miss Toto years with Bobby Kimball at front, this record quench your thirst.
Punchy, groovy songs like ‘Too Far Behind’ or the great ‘One Day’ are mixed with rockers such as ‘Hey It’s Me’ and ‘Flatline’, there’s a funky beast in ‘Some They Do’, and of course elegant ballads in the midtempo melodic rocker ‘Met Her For’ (reminds me Jim Peterik / Pride Of Lions songs) and the more slow and soulful ‘You’ll Be With Me’.

BOBBY KIMBALL - We're Not In Kansas Anymore (2016) back

Again, gotta say I am truly impressed by Bobby Kimball’s “We’re Not In Kansas Anymore”. I was not expecting a new album of such quality in all departments.
Great – I mean, some are superb – songs, terrific instrumentation & production and Kimball’s vocals in fine form. There’s some killer guitar solos as well, so the ‘Lukather factor’ is filled as well.
This is a must have for any Toto fan, and a deserved A+ for any melodic rock / AOR fan out there.

01 – Too Far Behind
02 – On My Feet
03 – Hey It’s Me
04 – One Day
05 – Flatline
06 – Met Her For
07 – Hold On
08 – Scam
09 – You’ll Be With Me
10 – Some They Do
11 – You’re Not Alone

Bobby Kimball – Lead Vocals
Dave Barnett – Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
Derek Sherinian – Piano, B3, Clav & Synths
Brian Bromberg, David DeShazo, Dwayne Heggar – Bass
Adam Schwem, Dave Barnett, Bob Glaub – Guitar
Joel Taylor – Drums
John Zaika, Steve Fawcett, Mitchel Forman – Keyboards
Jonny Zywiciel – Lead Vocals
Thomas Ebby, David Butler, Jim Foster – Horns
Tony Wilcox, Dexter Espinoza – Background Vocals
This album is dedicated in loving memory of Tony Wilcox and Jimi Jamison


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  1. Gerry says:

    I’m looking for an old album of Bobby “All I Ever Needed”, that I had in CD years ago.
    if you have it, it would be kind of you to post it.
    have a nice day !

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