SERPENTINE – A Touch Of Heaven [Limited Edition USB reissues + bonus]

SERPENTINE - A Touch Of Heaven [Limited Edition USB reissues + bonus] full

SERPENTINE was one of the most interesting UK Melodic Rock / AOR acts from the present decade. Unfortunately, after 3 strong albums Serpentine disbanded last year, but as legacy to their music they released a USB stick containing everything they recorded before the last, final third album.

This USB / flash memory includes in digital format the following material:
* first album “A Touch Of Heaven Album” in its Japanese version with a bonus track
* second album “Living And Dying In High Definition” / Japanese version with its 2 bonus tracks
* digital copies of all the artwork from the albums
* Living And Dying In Acoustic Definition, previously unreleased studio acoustic versions

SERPENTINE - A Touch Of Heaven [Limited Edition USB reissues + bonus] USB

SERPENTINE’s debut “A Touch Of Heaven” was the culmination of two and a half years of work and dedication of a band founded by trio Gareth David Noon, Gareth Vanstone and Chris Gould.
In the the winter of 2008 at a recording studio in Blackwood, South Wales there was a meeting between Gould and SHY drummer Bob Richards, which was to be the catalyst for Serpentine to hit top gear and get the band off the ground after 18 months of songwriting as a trio.

Less than a month later, Tony Mills (SHY, TNT) and his world renowned, stratospheric vocals became the voice of Serpentine, and the band spent the next few months completing the demos for what has become the band’s debut album, this “A Touch Of Heaven”.
In the summer of 2009, the band – with new members John Clews (Guitar) and Charlie Skeggs (Drums) in tow- decamped to M2 Studios in Staffordshire to begin reshaping their rough demos into what can be heard on the record, with Mark V Stuart (Magnum) and Sheena Sear twiddling the knobs behind the desk.

Opening with title track, this pumping melodic rocker sets the proper, feel-good tone for the rest of the album. “Whatever Heartache” will delight fans of ’80s AOR and it’s the obvious first single for which the band have also released an excellent video; an anthemic, sweeping epic with double tracked guitars and a killer chorus.
The moody “Lonely Nights” and the ballad “For The Love Of It All” both sounds natural and from the heart. Emotional is the word to describe “Let Love Rain Down”, while “We Belong” is like a summer breeze to your ears… Survivor spirit is back!
You will be surprised by the closing track, a melodic rock cover of the classic “Unbreak My Heart”.

SERPENTINE - A Touch Of Heaven [Limited Edition USB reissues + bonus] booklet

Additionally, we have the very good original Japanese bonus track “Bridge To My Heart”, plus two delicious (really good indeed) previously unreleased Studio Acoustic versions of “For The Love Of It All” and “Whatever Heartache”, recorded in 2013.
HIGHLY Recommended

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01 – A Touch Of Heaven
02 – Whatever Heartache
03 – Lonely Nights
04 – For The Love Of It All
05 – Let Love Rain Down
06 – In My Blood
07 – Fashion
08 – We Belong
09 – Love Suicide
10 – Unbreak My Heart
11 – Bridge To My Heart (Japanese Bonus Track)

Living And Dying In Acoustic Definition (Prev unreleased):
12 – For The Love Of It All [Acoustic version]
13 – Whatever Heartache [Acoustic version]

Vocals : Tony Mills
Lead & Rhythm Guitars : Christopher Gould
Lead & Rhythm Guitars : John Clews
Keyboards : Gareth David Noon
Bass : Gareth Vanstone
Drums : Roy Millward



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