MARENNA – No Regrets (2016)

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Last year 0dayrox presented the debut EP from MARENNA, a really promising Melodic Rock & AOR project which next month will see its full length first album “No Regrets” out on the streets via Lions Pride Music.
Marenna is a project started in 2014 by songwriter and lead singer Rodrigo Marenna, an experienced Brazilian musician who was part of many local bands.

In this new challenge, Marenna’s focus is to launch the vocalist to an international career, leading to public his own compositions and loved music style that combines influences from ’80s AOR, early ’90s Melodic Hard Rock and contemporary elements of sounds and arrangements.
Just check the album video promo below, you can’t go wrong with Marenna’s music: soaring melodies and a pure AOR / Melodic Hard Rock feel.

There’s a pulsating rockers in ‘Reason to Live’, the catchy ‘About Love’, the anthemic title track ‘No Regrets’ and the more groovy ‘Can’t Let You Go’, primo modern AOR on the excellent ‘Never Surrender’ (legendary title for AOR songs) and ‘Fall in Love Again’ plenty of keyboards, while Marenna provide variation with the sweet midtempo ‘Come Back’ adding acoustics to the mix and an elegant ballad in ‘So Different’.

“No Regrets” is the kind of albums that fans of the pure side of Melodic Rock / AOR love from start to finish. There’s no tricks, no alternative or slightly experimental tracks here, just true ’80/’90s music with melodies galore.
Marenna owns a solid deep tenor register specially designed for this type of music, and his bandmates are all seasoned musicians.
You can’t miss this baby.
HIGHLY Recommended

01 – Reason to Live
02 – Can’t Let You Go
03 – Never Surrender
04 – Come Back
05 – The Price
06 – Fall in Love Again
07 – About Love
08 – Forever
09 – So Different
10 – No Regrets

Rodrigo Marenna – lead & backing vocals
Jonas Godoy – guitar, bass, keyboards, backing vocals
Guilherme Mello, Matheus Tofehrn – drums
Sasha Zavistanovicz, Geraldo Aita – guest lead guitar
Arthur Appel, Aaron Alves – backing vocals


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