HOLLYWOOD MONSTERS – Capture The Sun (2016)

HOLLYWOOD MONSTERS - Capture The Sun (2016) full

Released today October 7, “Capture The Sun” is the new album from HOLLYWOOD MONSTERS, the classic rock / hard rock combo founded by vocalist / guitarist Steph Honde (who anchored the band of original Iron Maiden vocalist Paul DiAnno) and drum icon Vinny Appice of Black Sabbath / Dio fame.

We were pleased by Hollywood Monsters first album featured here two years ago, and this new effort features even better original tracks plus a superb cover of David Bowie’s ‘Sweet Thing / Candidate’ from the glam-tastic Diamond Dogs album and Whitesnake’s classic ‘Fool For Your Loving’

As always, this Hollywood Monsters joint features a ton of outstanding special guest performances including the likes of bassist Tim Bogert (Vanilla Fudge, Beck, Bogert, Appice), Craig Goldy, another Dio alumn Tracy G, former Whitesnake’s bass-master Neil Murray, Tony Franklin (The Firm), Andreas Johansson (Royal Hunt), and many others.

Mostly, Hollywood Monsters is all about classic hard rock with a strong melodic foundation, of course, with Honde’s guitar work front and center but also Appice’s distinctive drumming. his clever choice of beats & fills are one of the highlights of this band.
After the short intro ‘Mysteries of Life’, ‘Evilution’ opens the album in full energy driven by a killer riff. ‘Always Crashing the Same Car’ owns a mammoth groove, while ‘It’s a Lie’ is a really catchy melodic hard rocker with a chorus.

HOLLYWOOD MONSTERS - Capture The Sun (2016) inside

We have an atmospheric, bluesy old-school ballad in ‘Waiting’, then ‘Everything Is Going to Be Alright’ goes again for a melodic rock vein, even close to Night Ranger in sound & style.
‘Dreams’ is a great midtempo, then title track ‘Capture The Sun’ brings back full classic hard rock again with an arrangement which reminds me Glenn Hughes solo work.

You can’t go wrong with Hollywood Monsters, this is classic stuff very well performed, arranged & produced, and the songs are really good for sure. Check the personnel and there’s some serious cats here, all obviously playing pressure-less and enjoying every note.
Strongly Recommended.

01 – Mysteries of Life
02 – Evilution
03 – Always Crashing the Same Car
04 – It’s a Lie
05 – Waiting
06 – Don’t Let It Happen
07 – Another Day in Grey, Pt. 2
08 – Everything Is Going to Be Alright
09 – Dreams
10 – King for a Day
11 – Capture the Sun
12 – Sweet Thing / Candidate
13 – Fool For Your Loving (Bonus Track)

Steph Honde (Paul Di’Anno Band) – vocals, guitars
Vinny Appice (Dio / Black Sabbath) – drums, percussion
Tim Bogert (Vanilla Fudge / Cactus) – bass
Pascal Mulot (Satan Jokers) – bass
Tracy G (Dio) – guitar
Danko Jones – guest vocals
Alessandro Bertoni (Key Stone) – keyboards
Andreas Johansson (Royal Hunt) – drums
Neil Murray (Whitesnake, Gary Moore) – bass
Darren Crisp (Age Of Liberty) – vocals
Tony Franklin (The Firm) – bass
Craig Goldy (Dio) – guitar


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