HARDBONE – Tailor Made (2016)

HARDBONE - Tailor Made (2016) full

Tailor Made” is the new album released today from Hamburg-based hard rockers HARDBONE. This is their 4th record, and you can say the band has been pretty consistent as their debut appeared only six years ago.

I liked the band’s previous album despite some flaws in production, but for “Tailor Made” Hardbone have done that necessary ‘step forward’.
They have a new rhythm section and this has benefited the overall tightness, and alongside the solid twin guitar attack and the more polished production this new album comes punchier like never before.

Hardbone premise is really simple: full throttle classic hard rock, riff-based, groove, raspy vocals, no place for ballads. This is an old-school kind of record; 40 minutes in he vein of AC/DC, Airbourne, Rose Tatoo, Black Aces, etc.
However, and perhaps due to their Germanic origin, Hardbone reminds me more of their country neighbors Krokus.

‘No Man’s Land’, the dirty ‘Blood from Hell’, the rolling ‘Tear It Up’ and especially the extremely catchy ‘Cannonball’ (complete with gang vocals) are among the best of the bunch.
But if you like this style, all are solid numbers in this vein.

No-frills rock n’ roll is the motto of Hardbone in “Tailor Made”, a well crafted, effective classic hard rock record.
Those who have an ear for ‘the power of simplicity’ will enjoy this, a cool ten-track corker to enjoy with your preferred booze at hand.


01 – No Man’s Land
02 – It’s a Man Thing
03 – Tailor-Made Woman
04 – Blood from Hell
05 – What’s Going On
06 – Cannonball
07 – When It Comes Down to It
08 – We’re All Gonna Die
09 – Barfly
10 – Tear It Up

Tim Dammann – Vocals
Sebastian Kranke – Lead Guitar
Tommy Lindemann – Rhythm Guitar
Tim Schwarz – Bass
Benjamin Ulrich – Drums



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