DANNY VAUGHN (Tyketto) – Speaking In Tongues; Rare Tracks 1984 – 2005 (2016)

DANNY VAUGHN - Speaking In Tongues; Rare Tracks 1984 - 2005 - full

One of the most respected (and best) songwriters / vocalists in Melodic Rock history is without a doubt American DANNY VAUGHN. With a fructiferous career including Tyketto, Waysted, his own band Vaughn and many more projects, the man has an incombustible talent with more than 30 years in the business.
At the prompting of several friends & fans, Danny has put together a bunch of mostly unheard stuff that he has done over the years: “Speaking In Tongues; Rare Tracks 1984 – 2005” is a Fan Club only album (not for sale) including some astounding material.

“YOU CAN’T BEAT THE BAND” is one of the most interesting cuts here, a track from D.W.I., the first band Danny Vaughn was in, that concentrated exclusively on originals and didn’t play the thriving New York/New Jersey rock cover circuit in the early ’80s. Recorded in 1984 this is rough stuff showcasing a young Vaughn still looking for his own style

ALLIED FORCES was another Danny Vaughn project, in fact it was the name of the cover band he was into in the mid-Eighties. Around 1992 when Tyketto was in full swing, Allied Forces got the idea to reunite for a benefit concert with lots of great players from Danger, Danger, Twisted Sister, Trixter, White Lion, and many others joining to make it a very successful evening.
Later, they got the idea to put together a group of original songs. In between tours and other obligations with Tyketto, Vaughn managed to write some lyrics for two songs and recorded some vocals for what was only to be a demo.
Here’s the two ALLIED FORCES tracks; the melodic ‘THUNDERNATION’ (very Tyketto ballad), and the more rocking ‘MEDICINE MAN’

‘HELLO THERE / CLOCK STRIKES TEN’ is one of the first recordings by VAUGHN (the band). Right when Danny decided, after Tyketto, to come out of his 4 year exile from the music business and begin working on a new solo album, he got approached by Rock Dream Records in New Jersey to do a track for a tribute to Cheap Trick. This is a very fierce cover of this classic rock tune.

‘THE OTHER SIDE’ is another of the very early VAUGHN songs taken from one of the first demos that the band put together to send to Z Records to get their interest in making the first Vaughn album. But the song never ended into the debut due it was co-written track and at the last minute, the other part decided he didn’t want the music used on Danny’s album, but was going to use it for something else instead. Unreleased.

‘HOUSE OF CARDS’ is lovely melodic rock track with a pure Tyketto feel. It was the exclusive Japanese bonus track for Vaughn’s first album Soldiers And Sailors On Riverside, also appeared in a limited maxi-single. Rare.

‘SOLDIERS AND SAILORS ON RIVERSIDE (The Tour Bus – Road Trip)’ is an acoustic version of the Vaughn track / album of the same name, as well as ‘HAUNTED’, recorded in UK at Total Rock Radio show.

‘WINGS’ is a Tyketto song done solely by Danny Vaughn with his guitar and vocals, taken from the extremely rare “Danny Vaughn Standing Alone” 6-track acoustic CD.
‘WAS THERE A MOMENT (Alternate Take)’ also is taken from that Acoustic CD. It’s a song originally on the Vaughn album ‘Fearless’. This was the first version Danny attempted, complete with a drum machine loop, lots of backing vocals, and doubled lead vocals.

DANNY VAUGHN - Speaking In Tongues; Rare Tracks 1984 - 2005 - inside

‘LOVIN’, TOUCHIN’, SQUEEZIN’ is of course, a cover of the famous Journey song. Danny was approached by a Brazilian label, Frontline Records, to take part in a Journey tribute album.
True to the original but adding a bit more guts to it, the vocals are pretty on the fore-front here. You can hear the great Russell Arcara joining for backing vocals at the end. Hard to find track.

‘SPEAKING IN TONGUES (Demo)’ is another of the great rarities here. Danny wrote several songs to the “From The Inside” CD for Frontiers records. This song was one that they ended up rejecting even after they had a fully recorded version of it. It was supposed to make an appearance on the Japanese Edition of the album, but that never happened either.
This is Vaughn’s demo version on which he play all the instruments.

‘NOTHING BUT LOVE (Live)’ is a TYKETTO live recording done in London during the band’s 2004 return after many years for a successful European tour. It’s a soundboard recording but truly express how rocking and hot the show was.

After the really good new Tyketto album, some of you asked for more Danny Vaughn stuff.
“Speaking In Tongues; Rare Tracks 1984 – 2005” is special for collectors, a Fan Club only compilation – Not for sale.


01 – D.W.I (feat Danny Vaughan) – YOU CAN’T BEAT THE BAND
02 – ALLIED FORCES (feat Danny Vaughan) – THUNDERNATION
03 – ALLIED FORCES (feat Danny Vaughan) – MEDICINE MAN
08 – VAUGHN – HAUNTED (Total Rock Radio)
09 – DANNY VAUGHN – WINGS (Alternate Take)
11 – VAUGHN – LOVIN’, TOUCHIN’, SQUEEZIN’ (Journey cover)


Not For Sale

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