DANNY VAUGHN (Tyketto) – Rare Tracks Vol. 2

DANNY VAUGHN - Rare Tracks Vol. 2 (2016) full

More unheard / unreleased / rarities from Tyketto’s main man DANNY VAUGHN can be found on this “Rare Tracks Vol.2“.
There’s a couple of very rare demos from BOMBAY DOGS, a band Danny helped to finish some songs / lyrics and taped in 1996 for a possible recording contract. Very cool bluesy rocking tracks.

‘Chase The Fire’ is a song Vaughn co-wrote with Jorge Salan, the gifted Spanish guitarist who has worked with a number of people, including Jeff Scott Soto. This is the first song the duo wrote together included in Salan’s solo 2007 album Chronicles Of An Evolution, but this is the different, original pre-production demo with full Vaughn vocals.

‘She Was The One’ is the Japanese bonus track from Tyketto’s previous album “Dig In Deep”, not easy to find.
This one was originally planned for Richie Zito’s “Avalon” but it was re-done to fit the Tyketto style, acoustically filled and with lots of harmony vocals.

‘Revolution’ is a Vaughn collaboration with Canadian songwriter Michael Tharin, a melodic rock tune with a nice vibe.
Then we have the song Danny Vaughn sung for The Northern Light Orchestra, ‘The Wise Men’, alongside George Lynch on guitars, David Ellefson on bass and Phillip Bardowell sharing lead vocals, plus many other rare Danny Vaughn recordings like his awesome version of the classic ‘Amazing Grace’.

DANNY VAUGHN - Rare Tracks Vol. 2 (2016) inside

“Rare Tracks Vol.2” was originally available only at his Fan Club, but one reader has pointed out that all this material is now available at dannyvaughn.com.
However, the sound quality is not the same.

01 – Bombay Dogs feat Danny Vaughn – The Line
02 – Jorge Salan & Danny Vaughn – Chase The Fire
03 – Tyketto – She Was The One (Dig In Deep Japan bonus)
04 – Danny Vaughn – I Shall Not Walk Alone
05 – Vaughn – Fly Away (Total Rock Radio)
06 – Bombay Dogs feat Danny Vaughn – Last Chance Money
07 – Mike Tharin & Danny Vaughn – Revolution
08 – Danny Vaughn – Blackbird
09 – Danny Vaughn – Radio Gong Jingle
10 – Northern Light Orchestra – The Wise Men
11 – Danny Vaughn – Amazing Grace
12 – Danny Vaughn – Forever Young (Live at the 12 Bar, London)

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