SEVEN – Shattered (2016)

SEVEN - Shattered (2016) full

SEVEN are back romorrow with the release of “Shattered“, the follow-up to their really good comeback album appeared two years ago. That record used a number of name guests including Adam Wakeman and Mike Slammer, this time around it is more a band affair with Lars Chriss producing, plus playing drums and guitars.
The band’s main focus though is vocalist Mike Devine who uncannily sounds like Lou Gramm at times – listening to ‘Fight’ you’d think it was Gramm-era Foreigner.

The previous album had a fair few keys, this time around the keyboards / synths are set to max and there are two keyboardists – Frederik Bergh (Street Talk) and Kay Buckland – to cope with the ivory overload!
And here comes the best part; the songs on “Shattered” are far superior co-written by the likes of Jeff Paris and Andy Loos (ex Swedish AORsters Glory) who also play bass here.

There are many musical treats on here for those hankering after an ’80s flavored melodic rock fix, be it the fast paced ‘Live This Life’ or the simply awesome opening song ‘Light Of 1,000 Eyes’, one of the best tunes I have heard this year.
The Journey-esque ‘High Hopes’ shows of more of the pomp-tastic keys wrapped around a catchy tune, whilst ‘Taking Over’ is one of those classic positive message melodic rock tunes and has a damn fine guitar riff in the Foreigner vein.

Ahh, and there’s the pure AOR of ‘Broken Dream’ and ‘I Needed Time’ … both sound amazing with a terrific, glossy production.
I am very glad this comeback by Seven was not just a one-off album as they have plenty still to offer, and if you enjoyed their last album, this “Shattered” will blow your mind.
Simply put; one of the greatest AOR albums you’ll hear this year.

01. Light Of 1000 Eyes
02. A Better Life
03. Fight
04. Shattered
05. Live This Life
06. Pieces Of You
07. Broken Dream
08. High Hopes
09. I Needed Time
10. Taking Over
11. Last Illusion

Lead Vocals – Mick Devine
Guitar, Vocals – Keith MacFarlane
Bass – Andy Loos
Guest Vocals – Lin Devine, Nigel Bailey
Keyboards – Fredrik Bergh, Kay Backlund
Guitar, Drums, Producer, Mix – Lars Chriss
Songwriters – Lars Chriss, Fredrik Bergh, Andy Loos, Kay Backlund and Jeff Paris

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