HOUSE OF SHAKIRA – Sour Grapes (2016)

HOUSE OF SHAKIRA - Sour Grapes (2016) full

One of Sweden’s legacy melodic rock acts HOUSE OF SHAKIRA have just released their new album “Sour Grapes” you’ve ever been fed. Keeping the momentum going since talented lead singer Andreas Novak joined the band, “Sour Grapes” is the band’s third since Andreas’ 2012 debut.
And as like the last album, the band has taken things to the next level, with more harmonies, more chorus hooks and more layers of everything… including for the very first time – keyboards.

Indeed, the sound of “Sour Grapes” is a bit more following the straight forward melodic rock style compared to the unique and diverse style of their previous albums.
There are two absolute monster tunes on here in the shape of the AOR ‘Bend Of The River’ (which sees the band’s trademark harmony vocals in overload) and ‘Hopeless Case’, the latter sees the band use keyboards to full effect.
This is why I love this band ability to produce a catchy tune and a chorus that doesn’t leave your head for days after first hearing it. Andreas Novak is singing up a storm on these two and you can see why House Of Shakira were quick to employ his services after leaving Mind’s Eye.

The upbeat melodic rocker ‘Trail By Fire’ is another winner, album opener ‘No Way Out’ is instantly memorable, ‘Through it All’ has a great sing-along feel, while the venom in the lyric ‘My Disaster’ is nicely coated in the vocal harmonies and the chorus won’t leave you alone after hearing it.

The arena-ready ‘On The Edge’ closes the album in dramatic fashion. It starts off slowly before becoming one of the heaviest songs on the CD, allowing Mats Hallstensson and Anders Lundström plenty of chance to show their guitar skills.

HOUSE OF SHAKIRA - Sour Grapes (2016) back

House Of Shakira’s “Sour Grapes” is one of the best albums in the band’s career, and we are talking here about one of the most consistent and enjoyable melodic hard rock acts out there.
With a modern sound, a bunch of hooks, sing-along choruses and a punchy production “Sour Grapes” easily fits among the ‘best of’ list of the year speaking of pure, unadulterated Scandi Melodic Rock.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – No Way Out
02 – Nothing Left
03 – Trial By Fire
04 – Waste No Time
05 – My Disaster
06 – Through It All
07 – Bend Of The River
08 – Hopeless Case
09 – Sour Grapes
10 – Stupid Love Song
11 – On The Edge

Andreas Novak – Vocals
Mats Hallstensson – Guitars, Vocals
Anders Lundström – Guitars
Basse Blyberg – Bass, Vocals
Martin Larsson – Drums
Jorgen Schelander – Keyboards



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