AIRBOURNE – Breakin’ Outta Hell (2016)

AIRBOURNE - Breakin' Outta Hell (2016) full

Since the release of their debut album in 2003 AIRBOURNE have maintained a sizeable fan base through nine years and two more records. Now 2016, the band is ready to release “Breakin’ Outta Hell” next September 23.
Four albums in, everyone knows exactly what to expect from Airbourne… transferring the sheer ear-splitting excitement of their concerts into the listener’s living room has recently proven tougher than anyone expected. Airbourne’s heroes AC/DC managed it, as did fellow Aussie icons Rose Tattoo, and sure enough there are times here when Airbourne come close to matching such lofty standards.

The album’s title cut, an “anti-bullshit and boredom anthem” is a brilliant opener, the likes of ‘Get Back Up’, the dirty ‘It’s Never Too Loud For Me’, ‘I Go Crazy When I Drink’, ‘I’m Going To Hell For This’ and the salacious ‘Down On You’ continuing the exceptional work of no-frills, kick-ass rock n’ roll.
Delivered in Joel O’Keefe’s gravel-voiced roar, all tap into the band’s gloriously booze-soaked, expletive-charged modus operandi and are surely destined to become part of their onstage repertoire.
And yet a handful of less spectacular tunes, including ‘Rivalry’, ‘Thin The Blood’ and ‘Never Been Rocked Like This’ still manage to dampen the party mood just a little.

“Breakin’ Outta Hell” is a very easy album to review as is easy to enjoy; this is simple, effective Rock ‘n Roll. If you know Airbourne, you already know what you’re getting.
Smashing through 11 tracks over just shy of 40 minutes just seems to come as a breeze to the guys, and unlike what some of the track titles say they aren’t ‘Going to Hell for This’ with rock and roll this good.
Production is great, punchy yet clear, and this benefits the record for a more ‘expansive’ output.
It’s only rock n’ roll, but I like it

01 – Breakin’ Outta Hell
02 – Rivalry
03 – Get Back Up
04 – It’s Never Too Loud for Me
05 – Thin the Blood
06 – I’m Going to Hell for This
07 – Down on You
08 – Never Been Rocked Like This
09 – When I Drink I Go Crazy
10 – Do Me Like You Do Yourself
11 – It’s All for Rock N’ Roll

Joel O’Keeffe – Lead vocals, lead guitar
Ryan O’Keeffe – Drums, percussion
David Roads – Rhythm guitar, backup vocals
Justin Street – Bass guitar, backup vocals

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