VIXEN – Vixen [Japan remastered, re-release 2014]

VIXEN - Vixen [Japan remastered] full

VIXEN albums in its remastered versions are pretty hard to find, even more the Japanese releases. But we get both for all of you whom requested these terrific Melodic Hard Rock records.
The first, self-titled Vixen album was remastered in 2006, turned out of print but fortunately re-released 2014.

Vixen’s debut is listen in Rolling Stone’s magazine among the “50 Greatest Hair Metal Albums of All Time”, however in my opinion the band should be considered in the Melodic Hard Rock genre.
Where there’s no doubt is the fact Vixen was the most successful all-woman band from the ’80s.
The members all came to L.A. from colder climates and constantly had to prove themselves to dumb guys even though guitarist Jan Kuehnemund had started them as a working band in Minnesota way back in 1981, and Roxy Petrucci had been slaughtering drums since her days with shredding sister Maxine in Detroit’s over-the-top Madam X.

For their debut, a formidable team was assembled to shape one of the best sounding records ever for this genre: Richard Marx and Spencer Proffer (Quiet Riot) for producing, arranging and co-writing, and the likes of AOR guru Jeff Paris, Jon Butcher and Gregg Tripp to collaborate with some songs
You have the three excellent singles “Edge of a Broken Heart”, “Cryín” and “Love Made Me”, but there are other great songs like “Desperate” and two of my favorite Vixen songs “American Dream” and “I Want you To Rock Me”, in fact all the songs are great.

VIXEN - Vixen [Japan remastered] inside

This “Vixen” Japanese remaster sounds incredible, believe me. And this is another proof of how good was the recording & production back in the day.
But now, on this remaster, it simply blows you away.
A Must Have

You’ve seen it first here, at 0dayrox

Universal Japan ⁄ EMI ~ TOCP-67841
V I X E N ⁄ ヴィクセン

01 – Edge Of A Broken Heart
02 – I Want You To Rock Me
03 – Cryin’
04 – American Dream
05 – Desperate
06 – One Night Alone
07 – Hell Raisers
08 – Love Made Me
09 – Waiting
10 – Cruisin’
11 – Charmed Life (Japan bonus track)

Janet Gardner – lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Jan Kuehnemund – lead and rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Share Pedersen – bass, backing vocals
Roxy Petrucci – drums, backing vocals
Derek Nakamoto – keyboards
Richard Marx – keyboards, backing vocals, production


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