DGM – The Passage [Japanese Edition +1] (2016)

DGM - The Passage [Japanese Edition +1] (2016) full

Italians DGM are ready to release their new album “The Passage” next August 26 via Frontiers Music. This just appeared advanced Japanese edition features a bonus track.
This is not the typical Frontiers Music release as DGM are pretty prog metal, but “The Passage” is a very melodic album, a stellar melodic progressive metal CD indeed.

If you go searching there are those praising this band, but it’s hard to believe that despite how good DGM really are they aren’t more widely recognised. DGM have released eight albums since commencing in 1997, and let me tell you the band has since gained added exposure so it’s great to know that many more fans are also aware of this highly talented group.
And Frontiers Music also take notice, hence they added DGM to their roster.

“The Passage” sounds great thanks to guitarist / keyboardist Simone Mularoni who looked after the production as he also does so capably for many others.
You can hear Symphony X’s masterful guitarist Michael Romeo blazing it up on the sizzling “Dogma”, while the other guest spot goes to Evergrey’s lead vocalist Tom Englund on another power packed track “Ghosts of Insanity”, sounding so good alongside vocalist Mark Basile who has such a striking and compelling style that complements that technical mastery of his band mates.

It’s epic time when the album gets underway with the two longest tracks which are “The Secret Part 1” and “The Secret Part 2” and as to be expected the musicianship is top notch, you gotta love that guitar sound and those wicked guitar / keyboard solos on part one that make you crave for more.
Part two is slower and an equally addictive display of DGM’s melodic progressive metal. Title track “The Passage” is shining bright also with more of that arresting solo component.

“Animal” is the more catchy tune here, with an almost a melodic hard rock feel on the verses and the punchy chorus. This Japanese edition of the album add as bonus a beautiful acoustic version of the track, so different that you think it’s a new song.
“Daydreamer” is another of so many highlights (and another favorite) as DGM are rocking out with that super cool funk / hard rock sound. The album closes on a lighter note with Mark Basile’s vocals shining brightly on “In Sorrow”.

DGM - The Passage [Japanese Edition +1] (2016) back

Don’t be fooled, “The Passage” is not only melodic prog metal, DGM add many hard rock / melodic hard elements to their music, and you can see why Frontiers Music signed them.
If this is your first exposure to DGM then “The Passage” is one helluva introduction. I would highly suggest getting this one and seeking out the rest of their catalog, because they are aterrific band
DGM have sure got it right once again and as a result “The Passage” is one of 2016’s standout releases.
Highly Recommended


01. The Secret (Part I)
02. The Secret (Part II)
03. Animal
04. Ghost Of Insanity
05. Fallen
06. The Passage
07. Disguise
08. Portrait
09. Daydreamer
10. Dogma
11. In Sorrow
12. Animal (Acoustic Version) [Japan Bonus Track]

Simone Mularoni – guitars, keyboards
Marco Basile – vocals
Andrea Arcangeli – bass
Fabio Costantino – drums
Emanuele Casali – keyboards
special guests:
Tom Englund – vocals on ‘Ghosts of Insanity’
Michael Romeo ‘ lead guitar on ‘Dogma’



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