ALCATRAZZ – Disturbing The Peace [HNE Deluxe Edition remastered +9] (2016)

ALCATRAZZ - Disturbing The Peace [HNE Deluxe Edition remastered +9] full

Continuing with the extensive reissue campaign drawn across Graham Bonnet’s fruitful career, Cherry Red / Hear No Evil are releasing ALCATRAZZ‘s “Disturbing The Peace [2 Disc Deluxe Edition]“, remastered, featuring 9 bonus tracks and a bonus concert DVD.

Having previously brought you Alcatrazz’s debut album ‘No Parole From Rock & Roll’, Cherry Red / Hear No Evil re-issue campaign continues with the band’s second effort “Disturbing The Peace”. After the incendiary debut, this second Alcatrazz studio album appeared in 1984. Major changes had occurred; management, record label and crucially the departure (sacking) of enfant terrible Yngwie Malmsteen.

In came on guitar the inspired choice of a young and extremely talented Steve Vai (ex Frank Zappa and later to grace David Lee Roth and Whitesnake). As Graham Bonnet himself opined now they were a ‘band’, not a showcase for vocals and flashy guitar shreds. And I’d agree as Vai plays ‘with’ the band and the result is truly cohesive.
Produced by legend Eddie Kramer, “Disturbing The Peace” simply rocks.

Kicking off with the killer ‘God Blessed Video’ it sets the tone for the entire album, hard rock / melodic US metal that grabs you by the throat with Bonnet’s unique vocal, Vai’s impressive riffs and some great drum work from Jan Uvena. It’s MTV friendly and indeed enjoyed heavy rotation.
‘The Stripper’ and ‘Painted Lover’ (one of my favorite Alcatrazz songs ever) are two more assassin, catchy tunes, and there’s ‘Will You Be Home Tonight’ and the excellent ‘Desert Diamond’ to show off Graham’s broad vocal range and not just the ‘scream style’ he often gets saddled with.

ALCATRAZZ - Disturbing The Peace [Deluxe Edition remastered +9] (2016) back

“Disturbing The Peace” has been reissued some time ago with a bonus live disc, but never in a package as good as this as the fresh remaster of the main album sound million bucks.
Additionally, we have for the first time on CD the rare edit version of ‘Will You Be Home Tonight’, plus several pre-production demos (very good sound) which are a pure delight for Steve Vai’s fans.
And there’s more; a bonus DVD disc featuring the band in concert in Tokyo (where they were and still are huge) in 1984. After years of shoddy bootleg footage this is a huge bonus. All in all a lavish package that at last does Alcatrazz justice.
Highly Recommended


01 – God Blessed Video
02 – Mercy
03 – Will You Be Home Tonight
04 – Wire and Wood
05 – Desert Diamond
06 – Stripper
07 – Painter Lover
08 – Lighter Shade of Green
09 – Sons and Lovers
10 – Skyfire
11 – Breaking the Heart of the City
12 – Will You Be Home Tonight (PSA Single Edit)
13 – God Blessed Video (demo)
14 – Wire and Wood (demo)
15 – Stripper (demo)
16 – Painted Lover (demo)
17 – Sons and Lovers (demo)
18 – Skyfire (demo)
19 – Breaking the Heart of the City (demo)
20 – Steve Vai Rehearsal (demo)

Graham Bonnet – vocals
Steve Vai – guitar, backing vocals
Gary Shea – bass
Jan Uvena – drums, backing vocals
Jimmy Waldo – keyboards, backing vocals



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