STONE FURY – Let Them Talk [digitally remastered] Out Of Print

STONE FURY - Let Them Talk [digitally remastered] full

After the recent STONE FURY debut album on SHM-CD posted here, many asked for their second and final effort “Let Them Talk” in the same format. Well, the album simply does not exists anymore, in any format…

Stone Fury’s second album “Let Them Talk” never was released in Japan, so there’s no reissue from there. Nor even released on CD at the time it appeared (1986) because their label MCA was absorbed by a major company, and many bands found themselves in the middle of nothing. Additionally, there was – and still are – legal troubles with this album.

But in the the Nineties and after Lenny Wolf’s success with Kingdom Come, he got an arrangement for the album to be released in his home country (Germany) on CD, remastered. This one… now out of print and being sold for over USD 200.
Some time ago I read somewhere that this CD version is not official, nor remastered. Both false.
The confusion comes because a Russian bootleg label copied the German artwork and pressed various copies – unauthorized – but with a poor sound transfer.
Indeed, this “Let Them Talk” -original- German CD sound fabulous.

Speaking about the music inside, “Let Them Talk” was a drastic change in direction compared with the rocking previous. There was the mid-80s, and Stone Fury core Lenny Wolf / Bruce Gowdy looked for a commercial, poppy delivery.
Produced by Richard Landis (Van Stephenson, Glen Burtnik) you know what to expect here: tons of keyboards, synth fills and elaborated harmony vocals. Gowdy was more concentrated on his keys more than his sharp guitar riffs from the previous album, and Wolf sings smoothie.

For fans of the hard rockin’ sound from the previous record, “Let Them Talk” was disappointing. But you need to listen this album from a different perspective… think about it as a different band, and judge it for what it is.
And it is a quite good light AOR / FM oriented record with a poppy commercial feel and uber polished production. A true product from the ’80s, and I love it.
‘Too Late’ is a pure AOR tune, just wrapped with a sonic picture similar to Starship. Title track add more guitars – but extremely clean – and musically reminds me Mr Mister.

‘Lies On The Run’ is an uptempo little gem, this time with more prominent guitars and compressed drums, ‘Babe’ is a nice midtempo, while ‘Doin’ What I Feel’ and especially ‘Eye Of The Storm’ are pretty Hi-Tech in the typical Canadian sound of the era. I like this stuff!
‘Stay’ is another typically ’80s tune with a glossy production and strong vocals by Wolf.

STONE FURY - Let Them Talk [digitally remastered] back

If you love the ’80s, stylized light AOR sounds from the middle of that magical decade, you need to check Stone Furys’ “Let Them Talk”, a really hard to find album for many years, hence, unheard by most fans of this wonderful musical era.
Highly Recommended


You’ve seen it first here, at 0dayrox

01 – Too Late
02 – Lies On The Run
03 – Let Them Talk
04 – Babe
05 – Eye Of The Storm
06 – Doin’ What I Feel
07 – Let The Time Take Care
08 – I Should Have Told You
09 – Stay

Lenny Wolf – lead vocals, guitar
Bruce Gowdy – guitars, keyboards, vocals
Dean Cortez – bass
Vinnie Colaiuta – drums
Alan Pasqua – keyboards



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