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This a real pleasure to feature here: LAURA BRANIGAN‘s debut album “Branigan“, “Remastered & Expanded Edition“, the Gold Legion Records release approved by Branigan’s progeny.

After a very long wait on the remastering, this CD was finally released (many delayed dates).
Just like ‘Self Control’ (featured at 0dayrox) the remastering job is superb. I had been listening to the original “Branigan” version and I must say the sound is like night and day.

Laura Branigan is one of those singers from the ’80s that everyone remembers. She may not have had the same amount of hit singles as many of her peers from that era, but the first half of that decade was punctuated by hit singles that featured her uncommonly expressive and powerful voice.

“Branigan”, her debut album, is of course dominated by her biggest hit, ‘Gloria’, but there’s more to it than this song.
For one thing, ‘All Night With Me’ clearly shows how nuanced a singer she was, ‘If You Loved Me’ (one of the first hits penned by Diane Warren) and ‘Maybe I Love You’ are melodic and flawlessly performed, while ‘I Wish We Could Be Alone’ demonstrated her credibility as a songwriter (a talent that would finally become evident on her final album).

There’s also the uptempo melodic pop-rock ‘Please Stay, Go Away’, but the highlight for me is the ’80s AOR of the awesome, straight-ahead ‘Living a Lie’.

LAURA BRANIGAN - Branigan [Remastered & Expanded Edition] booklet

The musicianship is top notch, including some of the best “session-man” ever; beasts such as Steve Lukather or Michael Landau on guitar, talented Greg Mathieson on keyboards, Leland Sklar on bass, drummer Carlos Vega… the dream team.

Not only does “Branigan Remastered & Expanded Edition” sound great, it also contains songs that some of us have only had on B-Sides of 45’s or 12 Inch vinyl releases. Yes, apart from the excellent remastering, we have 7 great bonus tracks.
I was thrilled to see ‘When’ (Laura wrote this beautiful, haunting ballad) and ‘Looking Out for Number One’ on this release. Plus some great surprises such as ‘Tell Him’ and ‘Fool’s Affair’ (another beautiful ballad), all almost impossible to find tracks.

LAURA BRANIGAN - Branigan [Remastered & Expanded Edition] back

“Branigan Remastered & Expanded Edition” is wrapped up in extensive liner notes featuring interviews with the producers, songwriters and musicians who worked with Laura Branigan on this album.
It’s certainly a treat for ’80s fans.

You’ve seen it first here, at 0dayrox


01 – All Night With Me
02 – Gloria
03 – Lovin’ You Baby
04 – Living A Lie
05 – If You Loved Me
06 – Please Stay Go Away
07 – I Wish We Could Be Alone
08 – Down Like A Rock
09 – Maybe I Love You
Expanded Edition Bonus Tracks:
10 – Looking Out For Number One (12” Midnight Mix)
11 – Fool’s Affair
12 – Tell Him
13 – Love Me Tonight
14 – When
15 – Looking Out For Number One (7” Single Version)
16 – Gloria (12” Version)

Laura Branigan – vocals
Michael Landau – guitar
Steve Lukather – guitar
Trevor Veitch – guitar
Greg Mathieson – synthesizer, keyboards, arrangements
Michael Boddicker – synthesizer
Leland Sklar, Bob Glaub – bass guitar
Carlos Vega – drums
Joe Chemay, Maxine & Julia Waters, Lisa Sama, Jon Joyce, Jim Haas, Stephanie Spruill – background vocals


Out Of Print

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