KELLY KEAGY – Time Passes [2016 reissue +1]

KELLY KEAGY - Time Passes [2016 reissue +1] full

Frontiers Music are reissuing some of their very early releases now deleted, and one of these is the terrific solo debut by Night Ranger’s vocalist / drummer KELLY KEAGY. The album, “Time Passes”, is now presented including the original Japanese bonus track.

For many, “Time Passes” was some kind of a celebration, kinda the return of the very early ’80s Night Ranger but augmented, mostly due the presence of Jim Peterik (Survivor) co-writing many of the songs and playing on the record.
“Time Passes” rocks harder than most of what Night Ranger did after the first album, but it always maintains its melodiousness. Even when things slow down a bit, as on the title track and ‘Too Much To Ask’, this CD keeps a rockin’ edge and nerve.

I really love all tracks on “Time Passes”, such as the kicking opener ‘Anything Goes’ (co-penned by master Tim Pierce), “Acid Rain” (co-written by Jack Blades), or the awesomely melodic ‘Before Anybody Knows I’m Gone’ (a Peterik contribution).
‘The Journey’ (Keagy / Peterik) has a midtempo pace akin a ballad but with lyrics that are especially poignant, it’s also a high point on the CD as is the title track.

‘Bottled Up’ was co-written by the great Bruce Gaitsch with Keagy, so you know what to expect; a breezy melody. Another favorite is ‘Wrong Again’ where Night Ranger’s Brad Gillis / Gary Moon not only co-wrote, but also play / co-sing with killer performances.
By the way, it should be noted the musicianship on the album is simply stunning.

“Time Passes” is a terrific melodic hard rock album, blending the best of Night Ranger, Survivor, Damn Yankees, and why not, Pride Of Lions.
It rocks like a bad boy but with loads of melody all over, wrapped by a bright production. This reissue includes the original Japanese bonus track ‘I’m Still Here’, another superb upbeat tune ala Night Ranger.
AWESOME album.

01 – Anything Goes
02 – Acid Rain
03 – Time Passes
04 – Before Anybody Knows I’m Gone
05 – Too Much To Ask
06 – Bottled Up
07 – Too Close To The Sun
08 – Wrong Again
09 – Where There’s A Woman
10 – The Journey
11 – The Moon
12 – I’m Still Here (original Japan bonus track)

Jim Peterik (Survivor) – guitars, keyboards, backing vocals
Gary Moon (Night Ranger) – lead vocals, backing vocals, bass
Mike Aquino (Pride of Lions, Mecca) – guitars
Brad Gillis, Jeff Watson (Night Ranger) – guitars
Bruce Gaitsch (Richard Marx) – guitars, keyboards
Brian Bart (Gene Simmons) – guitars, bass
Christian Cullen (Pride of Lions) – keyboards
Scott May (Jim Peterik band) – Hammond B3 organ
Jack Blades (Night Ranger) – bass
Bill Syniar (Survivor) – bass
Ron Platt, J.P. Smith – backing vocals
Joe Vana (Mecca) – harmony vocals
Kelly Keagy – lead vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass, drums, backing vocals


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