COLD TRUTH – Grindstone (2016)

COLD TRUTH - Grindstone (2016) full

New albums by this excellent band from Nashville are few and far between – that’s why the announcement of a new release by COLD TRUTH is a day of celebration for their die-hard fans around the world. The time has come: after an eight-year break this hard rock / classic rock band is back with their third album, “Grindstone“.
Cold Truth manage to transfer the genre’s values into a present-day sound like very few current bands.

Cold Truth are a powerfully rocking quartet delivering an unadulterated, no-frills sound carrying the direct punch of late ’70s / early ’80 hard rock with a modern production.
That’s clearly the tradition these four musicians are steeped in but they have enough talent and creativity to build their own brand of rock’n’roll with crunchy riffs, meaty hooks and an earthy foundation in the blues.
Kurt Menck (guitars), Thane Shearon (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Abe White (bass) and Matt Green (drums) share the same set of influences and follow their musical path with great passion.
The band started at the turn of the century and has stayed together without personnel changes. A world class shouter, an energetic rhythm section and a versatile guitarist who can draw from classic bluesy hard rock – Cold Truth!

If you are looking for influences or parallels, Shearon’s raspy voice leads to British hard rock and Bad Company with their singer Paul Rodgers as obvious reference points. Musically, their brand is melodic including David Coverdale’s Whitesnake, Sammy Hagar’s Montrose, Y & T, or even more recent bands like Riverdogs or SnakeCharmer influences shine through.

They come flying out of the gates with the killer opening track ‘Livin’ Hard’, sets the path for what’s to follow and doesn’t let up for the next hour or so as they take the listener on a twelve song tour-de-force that encompasses everything you love about hard / classic rock.
With its hammering rhythm and twin lead guitar part ‘Where The Music Takes Me’ ramps up the excitement. ‘No Sleep Til Sturgis’ is set to become one of the band’s signature songs with its shout-out to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rallye and a nod to Steppenwolf’s Born To Be Wild.

‘Leave Your Leather On’ cannot be misunderstood and the same is true of the title track with its key phrase ‘get your nose to the grindstone’. They do a fabulous job of blending straight up, hog riding anthems like ‘Keep Your Hands On The Wheel’ and ‘Give It Time’ (which features some great backing vocals courtesy of Bekka Bramlett), ‘The Long White Line’ and the kick ass closing track ‘Free Man’, a power ballad hymn-like with a beautiful string arrangement by Chris Carmichael – a worthy finish.

COLD TRUTH - Grindstone (2016) back

If you’re looking for true hard rock with real, honest craft and killer delivering, look no more; Cold Truth are the real deal.
They may not be the most prolific bunch as far as recorded output goes, but I’ll be damned if “Grindstone” isn’t the perfect proof that quality trumps quantity every time, and more importantly, that the good things in life are always worth waiting for.
Who’s said that classic hard rock is dead in the USA? Crank this baby to 10 and enjoy aplenty.
Highly Recommended.

01 – Livin’ Hard
02 – Where the Music Takes Me
03 – No Sleep Til Sturgis
04 – Leave Your Leather On
05 – Grindstone
06 – The Long White Line
07 – New Horizon
08 – Hands on the Wheel
09 – Last Man Alive
10 – Take up Serpents
11 – Give It Time
12 – Free Man

Thane Shearon – Lead Vocals & Guitar
Abe White – Bass
Kurt Menck – Guitars
Matt Green – Drums
Bekka Bramlett – Backing Vocals on 11
Chris Carmichael – String arrangement on 12


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