BAD ENGLISH – Bad English [SPV Digitally Remastered] Out Of Print

BAD ENGLISH - Bad English [SPV Digitally Remastered] Out Of Print - full

One of you requested the only remasters available from the awesome AOR / Melodic Rock supergroup BAD ENGLISH. Digitally Remastered by German company Steamhammer / SPV some years ago, both CD are near impossible to find.
Formed in 1987 by Journey guitar master Neal Schon, monster drummer Deen Castronovo and reuniting keyboardist Jonathan Cain (also Journey) with singer John Waite and bassist Ricky Phillips (his former bandmates in The Babys), the band’s self-titled debut “Bad English” exploded into the Melodic Rock scene (and the charts) in 1989.

Simply put, “Bad English” is one of the greatest AOR / Melodic Rock albums ever made, easily in my Top 50 of All Time.
What happens when your talented lead singer decides to break up your legendary band, leaving you out in the cold?
Ask that question to Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain of Journey in regards to Steve Perry, and their answer will be to find another ‘super vocalist’ and form a new group.

That is exactly what led to the formation of Bad English; Cain called his former bandmate in The Babys John Waite (who already had a successful solo career), add a terrific Rock drummer in Deen Castronovo (future Journey skin basher) and you a have a super-group of talented musicians.
Chuck into the mix the great Richie Zito’s full production (particularly those bucket sounding drums) plus some minor songwriting contributions from Diane Warren, Mark Spiro, David Roberts and Martin Page, and you’ve got an album of pure AOR gold.

The songs in “Bad English” are awesome. All of ’em.
This band of course is best remembered for the #1 hit ballad “When I See You Smile” and to a lesser extent the top 10 “Price Of Love”, also a midtempo ballad. For sure, the ballads such as these shine on this album.
However, the disc had 4 other songs to receive radio airplay in one format or another, including the leadoff single “Forget Me Not” – a great rocker that was a top 50 hit. The first two tracks on the album “Best Of What I Got” and “Heaven Is A 4 Letter Word” are fantastic rockers that both got some rock radio airplay, and the third cut “Possession” is another nice semiballad that hit the top 40.

But Bad English rocks as well, with an extremely polished sheen, yes, but full of fire.
Check the standout “Ready When You Are”, “Lay Down” and “Rocking Horse” as well as midtempo “The Restless Ones”, a truly gorgeous anthemic song.
Then there’s “Ghost In Your Heart”… what a song. Dramatic, emotive, with lyrics reflecting the mood of the track perfectly. And the sweet closing track on the album “Don’t Walk Away”, a perfect poppy AOR song.

BAD ENGLISH - Bad English [SPV Digitally Remastered] back

“Bad English” is so terrific simply because all these songs have killer hooks, memorable choruses, superb playing and stellar production.

Being myself in a discussion forum at the time when this digitally remastered edition of “Bad English” came out, some people said that this was not worth, just some ‘volume adjustment’. I disagree. This has been tweaked.
Just listen the bass lines pumping in your head like a hammer, the guitars are sharper, and the lead vocals / harmony backing vocals sound huge. If you have the original release in some format, compare with this remaster and then tell me.
“Bad English Remastered” is out of print, but you can try some stores for a used, of if you’re lucky enough, an unopened copy of this AOR / Melodic Rock masterpiece.

You’ve seen it first here, at 0dayrox

01 – Best Of What I Got
02 – Heaven Is A 4 Letter Word
03 – Possession
04 – Forget Me Not
05 – When I See You Smile
06 – Tough Times Don’t Last
07 – Ghost In Your Heart
08 – Price Of Love
09 – Ready When You Are
10 – Lay Down
11 – The Restless Ones
12 – Rockin’ Horse
13 – Don’t Walk Away

John Waite – lead vocals
Neal Schon – lead, rhythm & acoustic guitars, backing vocals
Jonathan Cain – keyboards, backing vocals
Ricky Phillips – bass, backing vocals
Deen Castronovo – drums, percussion, backing vocals
Produced by Richie Zito

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