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To the great delight of Alan Parsons’ fans, for the first time on an audio recording, THE ALAN PARSONS SYMPHONIC PROJECT combines the talents of his amazing band with the lush sound of a symphony orchestra, creating a very special show with unmatched quality.
On the evening of August 31st, 2013, a large crowd gathered at Parque Pies Descalzos in Medellin, Colombia. When Alan Parsons appeared on stage, along with the Medellin Philharmonic Orchestra and his band, the audience went crazy.
Live in Colombia” is the audio document of that incredible evening.

Alan Parsons, the mastermind and solo survivor since the heydays, started out as assistant engineer to George Martin at Abbey Road studios and was heavily involved towards the end of the Beatles’ success story. Not to mention a certain ‘Dark Side of The Moon’ and Pink Floyd, prior to setting up his very own project in 1975.
The Alan Parsons Project debut, Tales of Mystery and Imagination (1975), was based upon Poe’s horror stories and merely “The Raven” has managed to spread his wings and fly across the sky to touch base in Colombia.

It’s quite the experience to hear tracks such as “Breakdown” (from the 1977 classic, I Robot) or “The Raven” for that matter with the full 70-piece orchestra and massive choir.
The five complex and intriguing parts of “The Turn of a Friendly Card”, including ‘Snake Eyes, The Ace Of Swords, Nothing Left To Lose’, are also exceptional as the band sounds great and the same goes for lead singer PJ Olsson.
Of course, the rock&pop hits “Don’t Answer Me” and “Damned If I Do” are also included with refreshed arrangements.

THE ALAN PARSONS SYMPHONIC PROJECT - Live in Colombia (2016) back

While lyrically there’s no real contest to the Raven, it opens up with the future world of “I Robot” and ends in a more up-to-date sound of “Games People Play”.
The youngest track on display (La Sagrada Familia -1987) benefit from the orchestra, while the rest are all from the classic era of 1976 to 1983. It’s something different from the usual live effort.
Great performance.

01. I Robot
02. Damned If I Do
03. Don’t Answer Me
04. Breakdown
05. The Raven
06. Time
07. I Wouldn’t Want to Be Like You
08. La Sagrada Familia
09. The Turn of a Friendly Card (Part One)
10. Snake Eyes
11. The Ace of Swords
12. Nothing Left to Lose
13. The Turn of a Friendly Card (Part Two)

01. What Goes Up…
02. Luciferama
03. Silence and I
04. Prime Time
05. Sirius
06. Eye in the Sky
07. Old and Wise
08. Games People Play

Alan Parsons (acoustic guitar, keys, vocals)
P.J. Olsson (lead vocals)
Alastair Greene (guitar, vocals)
Guy Erez (bass, vocals)
Danny Thompson (drums, vocals)
Tom Brooks (keyboards, vocals)
Todd Cooper (saxophone, guitar, percussion, vocals)
The Medellin Philharmonic Orchestra

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