ROXETTE – Good Karma (2016)

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Good Karma” is the 10th studio album by Swedish Rock&pop duo ROXETTE, set to be released on 3 June 2016 by Parlophone. Roxette on this blog? Of course, this band is one of the finest exponents of ’80s culture… and sound.

Since their Eighties explosion Roxette has released music with ups & lows in terms of quality, but “Good Karma” seems to have recaptured their classic hooks plus a modern production.
Per Gessle said of the album: “For the new record, we wanted to combine our classic Roxette sound with a modern and slightly unpredictable production to create a soundscape where you would both recognise our sound and find something new.”

And indeed for the most part, the album, as on the trademark Roxette ballad ‘It Just Happens’ or title track ‘Good Karma’, revisits that mighty and classic Roxette sound with an updated twist in sound.
While there’s almost no real drums on the record, the beats and overall rhythms generate a cool, new for the band, background to spread their melodically strong numbers.
As usual, lead vocals are shared between Marie Fredriksson (who sounds completely recovered and sweet as ever) and Per Gessle, also at charge of various instruments and arrangements.

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Yes, it’s rock&pop, it’s too much modern at places, but the quality power-pop melodies are still there, and to the opposite to similar bands from the era, as example, A-Ha, Roxette still has the magic to create a memorable melody or two.

01 – Why Don’tcha
02 – It Just Happens
03 – Good Karma
04 – This One
05 – You Make It Sound So Simple
06 – From a Distance
07 – Some Other Summer
08 – Why don’t you bring me flowers?
09 – You Can’t Do This To Me Anymore
10 – 20 bpm
11 – April Clouds

Per Gessle / Marie Fredriksson


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