A FOREIGNERS JOURNEY – Foreigner / Journey Tribute

A FOREIGNERS JOURNEY - Foreigner / Journey Tribute full

As member of John Parr’s live band, after completing an arena tour supporting Journey, UK based guitarist John Oxley was keen to replicate the magic of Journey again on stage.
Together with his friend bass player Paul Flanaghan who’s musical collaboration of over 20 years was destined to continue, both felt strongly that not only Journey but also Foreigner would be a perfect combination to make a tribute band.

Some 12 months on and following the band’s debut sell-out show on the 10th January 2009, the band aptly named ‘A FOREIGNERS JOURNEY‘ have played over 100 shows throughout the UK and also performed at various international festivals.
In August 2009 the band joined forces with award winning singer/songwriter Jimi Anderson whose perfect pitched vocals and stage presence gave a new dimension to the project.
Drummer Ian Ferris, saxophone player Chris Backhouse, and Greg Brownlow on keyboards and second guitar complete this new and exciting line-up, taking this dual tribute show of Foreigner / Journey to another level.

Founder Neal Schon and Ross Valory from Journey, and Jeff Pilson from Foreigner have approved and given thumbs up to ‘A Foreigners Journey’, now established as one of the most respected tribute bands around today.
A Foreigners Journey does exactly what it says and promises. It’s a great combo with a superb lead singer belting out classics from the back catalogues of both bands, hit after hit, virtually non stop.
Of course their versions are faithful to the originals, but adding some personal spice to these stainless classics, and believe me, these guys sound awesome.

The band have professionally recorded in the studio some songs included in their set, but this material is not for sale, just for promotional use only.
‘A Foreigners Journey’ are really, really good, don’t miss them if they play at a venue near you.

01 – Separate Ways
02 – Waiting For A Girl Like You
03 – Cold As Ice
04 – Faithfully
05 – Don’t Stop Believing

Jimi Anderson – Vocals
John Oxley – Guitar & Backing Vocals
Paul Flanaghan – Bass & Backing Vocals
Greg Brownlow – Keyboards, Guitar
Chris Backhouse – Sax
Ian Ferris – Drums

Promotional Material
Not For Sale


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