ZAKK WYLDE – Book Of Shadows II (2016)

ZAKK WYLDE - Book Of Shadows II (2016) full

Finally, after 20 years, iconic guitarist ZAKK WYLDE will release his second solo album “Book Of Shadows II” on April 8, the highly anticipated follow-up to 1996’s Book Of Shadows, a classic album Wylde released between his work with Ozzy Osbourne that has since become a fan favorite.

From his work with Ozzy Osbourne to Black Label Society to Pride & Glory, and even his music as a solo artist, Zakk Wylde is a face, a name, and a musical style all his own that one can’t easily forget about… and who would want to anyway?
As this crazy guitarist and musician has continually put out new music, it’s a little hard to believe it’s been almost two decades now since the release of Wylde’s first solo album, Book of Shadows.
In this solo effort, Wylde demonstrated just how diverse his musical abilities are, and showed off some soulful acoustic fingering and harmonies – an album deeply loved by many, and exactly what fans have been eagerly anticipating a follow up to for a long, long time now.
And those fans are in luck as Wylde did exactly that on “Book Of Shadows Volume II”.

As on his previous solos album, Wylde has put aside his electrified six-string demon axe and picked up an acoustic for a far more gentle, lighter touch. It’s a departure from the usual big dirty heavy riffs of Black Label Society, but fans of his guitar virtuosity needn’t be alarmed. This album is still peppered with his trademark technically lightning fast solos.
Once again Wylde looks deep inside to pen 15 new songs. His writing is heartfelt, beautiful and revealing.

Opening track ‘Autumn Changes’ sets the somber tone that weaves it way throughout the album. It’s hard to find a stand out song as each track is as strong as the one before, whether it be ‘Yesterdays Tears’, ‘The King’ or the more up-tempo ‘Lost Prayer’.
Wylde’s vocal delivery is suitably restrained, resisting the urge to head into the overdone soaring vocals found in so many rock ballads. He uses his gravelly voice to create another instrument adding an extra layer of complexity.

ZAKK WYLDE - Book Of Shadows II (2016) inside

After 20 years of his solo debut, Zakk Wylde decided to re-visit the concept, and it must be said, he’s done so with some stunning results. “Book Of Shadows II” is a beautifully crafted album with lashings of Southern Rock, string arrangements, pianos and great guitar work from Wylde, but basically, it’s a really strong Rock album.

“Book Of Shadows II” – even the title is an unfussy nod to the past – is a lengthy affair, but a brilliant one, highly enjoyable. It shows that Wylde, apart of being one of the world’s most metal man, is so good with the amps off as well who can turn his hand to anything. An with quality.
Hopefully it won’t be 20 years until Book Of Shadows III.
Highly Recommended.

01 – Autumn Changes
02 – Tears of December
03 – Lay Me Down
04 – Lost Prayer
05 – Darkest Hour
06 – The Levee
07 – Eyes of Burden
08 – Forgotten Memory
09 – Yesterday’s Tears
10 – Harbors of Pity
11 – Sorrowed Regrets
12 – Useless Apologies
13 – Sleeping Dogs
14 – The King

Zakk Wylde – Guitars, Vocals
James LoMenzo – Bass
Joe Vitale – Drums


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