TREAT – Ghost Of Graceland [Japanese Edition] (2016)

TREAT - Ghost Of Graceland [Japanese Edition] (2016) full

Swedes TREAT have just released one of the best albums of the year so far in “Ghost Of Graceland“, with its Japanese Edition including an exclusive bonus track.
I am happy, very happy, and you should be as well, as this is one of the highest quality melodic hard rocking records appeared recently.
In short, this is a must have…

Treat made their grand return in 2010 with the magnificent Coup De Grace. It was ‘the album of the year’ for me. I also remember hoping it wasn’t just some ‘one-off’ thing and they’d be back with more. Well, then there was nothing. Six years of silence.
But they’re back with “Ghost Of Graceland”, and believe me, well worth the wait!

This classic Treat. I mean, this is CLASSIC Scandinavian Melodic Hard Rock with capitals.
You have it all here; catchy as Hell melodies, amazing vocal harmonies, truly memorable lyrical refrains, killer rocking grooves and fantastic soaring guitar solos to boot.
And all this spectacular rocking collection of songs is blessed with an immensely accessible and attractive AOR wrapper.

TREAT - Ghost Of Graceland [Japanese Edition] (2016) booklet

The album kicks-off as it should; a classic Treat tune in the title track. Pure Euro Melodic Hard Rock bliss driven by a heavy riff, Robert Ernlund’s passionate vocals, superb arrangements, and an epic chorus. I’m sold.
‘I Don’t Miss The Misery’ sounds like it came out from Coup De Grace with its powerful kick in the best ’80s vein still with a ‘modern’ vibe. The chorus is simply genius.
In ‘Do Your Own Stunts’ Treat delivers another gem out of the new opus. A solid and mature hymn.

‘Inferno’ will blow your mind up and it’s gonna make you turn on the volume to 11, while the trademark Scandi uptempo ‘Nonstop Madness’ will put a big smile on your face.
The band is on fire with ‘Too Late To Die Young’, and to get some balance, with ‘Together Alone’ we are dealing with such an amazing, heartbreaking ballad that sees Anders Wikström on lead vocals for the first time. And he does a really fine job.

This Japanese Edition features as bonus track a different version of ‘Together Alone’, with the synth orchestration re-arranged, mixed with a Spanish guitar arrangement and where the lead vocals are upfront, resulting in a more intimate ballad.

TREAT - Ghost Of Graceland [Japanese Edition] (2016) back

If back in the ‘80s you had told me I would be in 2016 seeing Treat delivering new music, I would’ve laughed at you. But Treat not only is alive & kickin’ in 2016, they have created one of the best albums of their career in “Ghost Of Graceland”.
This is an album that reminds us that they’ve always been terrific, and age is just a number when musical maturity speaks volumes.
It’s all about being true. True to your roots. And to your soul, trusting what’s in your heart. All that. And guts. Swedish Melodic Hard Rock legends Treat is going full circle on their new album “Ghost of Graceland”. One of – if not THE – ‘album of the year’.
Mandatory purchase.

01 – Ghost Of Graceland
02 – I Don’t Miss The Misery
03 – Better The Devil You Know
04 – Do Your Own Stunts
05 – Endangered
06 – Inferno
07 – Alien Earthlings
08 – Nonstop Madness
09 – Too Late To Die Young
10 – House On Fire
11 – Together Alone
12 – Everything To Everyone
Japanese bonus track:
13 – Together Alone (different version)

Robert Ernlund – lead vocals
Anders Wikström – guitars, backing vocals (lead vocals on 11, 13)
Patrick Appelgren – keyboards, guitars, backing vocals
Pontus Egberg – bass
Jamie Borger – drums


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