THE DEFIANTS – The Defiants (2016)

THE DEFIANTS - The Defiants (2016) full

The real one: no cuts / wrong tracklisting

Ohh Whoo… If you’re a Danger Danger fan and miss them (they haven’t done anything new since 2009), be prepared for a real treat: THE DEFIANTS and their self-titled debut on Frontiers Music is simply fantastic.
The Defiants feature Danger Danger stalwarts Bruno Ravel (bass, production) and Rob Marcello (guitars) reuniting with mid-period Danger Danger vocalist Paul Laine. And you know what? The chemistry is intact!

Let start this review backwards: don’t waste more time and go and buy it this little gem.
This is top notch Melodic Hard Rock / AOR of the finest order. Every song is terrific.
I know it’s well worn accolade, but “it’s all killer, no filler.”

Every song here is packed harmony, melody and rock’n’ groove, lots of catchy hooks in arrangements, lyrics, and refrains, and ripping & roaring guitar solos. Paul Laine has never sounded better: clear, strong, passionate. The vocal arrangements as a whole are quite harmonious throughout.

Song by song description? You don’t need ’em. Trust me: THE DEFIANTS is the BEST Melodic Hard Rock / AOR album of the year… so far.
Mandatory purchase

01. Intro (Carillon’s Theme)
02. Love And Bullets
03. When The Lights Go Down
04. Waiting On A Heartbreak
05. Runaway
06. Lil’ Miss Rock’N’roll
07. Last Kiss
08. Save Me Tonight
09. Take Me Back
10. We All Fall
11. That’s When I’ll Stop Loving You
12. Underneath The Stars

Paul Laine – vocals
Bruno Ravel – bass, guitars, keyboards
Rob Marcello – lead guitars
Van Romaine – drums


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