RICK WAKEMAN – Starship Trooper (2016)

RICK WAKEMAN - Starship Trooper (2016) full

Yesterday, April 15, Purple Pyramid Records released “Starship Trooper“, a collection of great performances by keyboard-legend RICK WAKEMAN.
Wakeman said about the album: “Over the last few years I have performed on many tracks as a ‘guest’ but never before has anybody put some of the best of those I played on into a compilation. It’s always challenging to be involved in tracks of other people’s music and other people’s arrangements as it often makes you think and play differently and certainly on many of these tracks I play in quite an unexpected way”.

Aptly titled “Starship Trooper”, this collection contains 2 previously unreleased tracks including a powerful rendition of Tool’s ‘Sober’, Wakeman’s collaborations with others artists, plus several more exciting cover songs of The Who, Pink Floyd, and The Doors including 5 never before heard versions.
These are mostly recordings where Rick Wakeman appeared as guest, so expect something musically different from his own work. But of course, all is revolving around progressive arrangements / sound.

RICK WAKEMAN - Starship Trooper (2016) inside

Including performances by YES members Billy Sherwood, Steve Howe and Tony Kaye, Gong’s Steve Hillage, Colin Moulding (XTC), Jerry Goodman, Nik Turner (Hawkwind), great drummer Carmine Appice and more, “Starship Trooper” is plenty of superb musicianship.
Perhaps my favorite cut is the title track of this compilation, ‘Starship Trooper’, including ex- Yes’ Billy Sherwood and Tony Kaye dueling in a keyboard fight with Wakeman, plus excellent vocals of Mickey Thomas (Starship), but all are interesting and pretty easy listening.
Quite Recommended

01 – Sober
(feat. Billy Sherwood & Jurgen Engler)
02 – Are We to Believe?
(feat. Steve Hillage, Billy Sherwood & Jurgen Engler)
03 – Random Acts
(feat. Jerry Goodman, Nik Turner, Jimmy Haslip, Billy Sherwood)
04 – Dynamics of Delirium
(feat. Jurgen Engler)
05 – Love Reign O’er Me
(feat. Huw Lloyd-Langton & Carmine Appice)
06 – Crime of the Century
(feat. Tony Levin & Billy Sherwood)
07 – The Great Gig in the Sky
(feat. Steve Howe)
08 – I’m Not in Love
(feat. Nektar)
09 – Starship Trooper
(feat. Tony Kaye, Billy Sherwood & Mickey Thomas)
10 – Check Point Karma
(feat. Colin Moulding & Billy Sherwood)
11 – Change
(feat. William Shatner & Billy Sherwood)
12 – Nobody Home
(feat. Billy Sherwood)
13 – Light My Fire
(feat. Steve Howe & Jurgen Engler)


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