OSUKARU – Covered Up (bonus EP)

OSUKARU - Covered Up (bonus EP) full

This little album was requested in one comment some time ago, the EP “Covered Up” by OSUKARU appeared as bonus CD with the band’s release ‘Triumphant’. It was a Limited Edition of 500 copies, now out of print.

As title says, “Covered Up” is Osukaru’s rendition of classic Melodic Rock / AOR songs done with the band’s own spin, including a really good version of Bad English’s ‘Tough Times Don’t Last’, ‘Who Cries Now’ (Unruly Child), ‘Waiting For Love’ (Alias) and ‘Midnight Blue’ (Lou Gramm).
Also there’s a reworked cover in a melodic rock shape of ‘Hair’ from pop star Lady Gaga, which works nicely as well.

“Covered Up” is a cool addition to your Osukaru – and melodic rock in general – collection, as these are timeless classic tunes and Osukaru tastefully arranged & performed the songs.
I have seen this EP featured in other sites but the sound is not good at all, this one is taken from the original CD provided by a contributor of this site.
Really nice.

01 – Who Cries Now (Unruly Child)
02 – Tough Times Don’t Last (Bad English)
03 – Waiting For Love (Alias)
04 – Midnight Blue (Lou Gramm)
05 – Hair (Lady Gaga)

Oz Osukaru – guitars, bass, keys, backing vocals
Fredrik Werner – lead & backing vocals, guitars
Cecilia Camuii – lead vocals
Adrian Lopez – keyboards
Jens Björk – saxophone
Axel Ryberg – drums
Ryan Coyle – drums, percussion

Out of print

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