DYNAZTY – Titanic Mass (2016)

DYNAZTY - Titanic Mass (2016) full

DYNAZTY will release their fifth album “Titanic Mass” on April 15 via Spinefarm Records. Hailing from the musically lively mecca that is Stockholm, Sweden, Dynazty are a prime example of forward-thinking and evolutionary sound development.

Dynazty’s metamorphosis is amazing.
They started as a sleazy band, then turned hard rock, then on their last album opted for a more metallic modern sound, more defined, and in many ways, more addictive.
The previous record saw the band take a leap towards a tighter sound with an arsenal of rapid rhythm patters and machine-gun riffs, ever-present soaring vocals plus huge, addictive choruses.
Now, “Titanic Mass” sees the Swedes taking the next logical step in the never-ending flux that is their sound.

DYNAZTY - Titanic Mass (2016) inside

This time, they chose to maintain the overall bite and tightness while taking a courteous nod in the direction of catchy power metal and adding some progressive elements; yes, the arrangements are ‘Titanic’ indeed.
However, Dynazty’s songs haven’t lost the melody and catchiness to achieve this goal. And everything works, amazingly.

The album balances complex, proggy riffage with the melodic sweetness of ’80s melodic hard rock.
Yeah, looks weird on paper, but wait to listen this mind-blowing CD.
Nils Molin’s soaring, Dio-esque vocals dazzle on heroic sing-alongs like ‘Untamer of Your Soul’ and ‘Roar of the Underdog’. Drummer George Egg shows powerful restraint on the mid-tempo anthem ‘I Want to Live Forever’ and runs wild with bass rolls on ‘The Beast Inside’.
And the guitar riffs… the twin guitar attack is hot, razor sharp, sizzling, with killer solos all over.

DYNAZTY - Titanic Mass (2016) back

I know many listeners miss Dynazty’s hard rock groove, but believe me, this new Dynazty 2016 kick some serious ass.
On this new album, Dynazty never sounds like a band trying to cling to a trend. Their heavy, razor clean guitars are an integral part of who they are now. You can’t fake that kind of identity for an entire album, not without letting on that you have to push yourself to write and play that kind of music.
It’s a very particular sound, one that I absolutely love when it’s done well.
For these Swedes, more glory surely awaits.
Highly Recommended.

01 – The Human Paradox
02 – Untamer Of Your Soul
03 – Roar Of The Underdog
04 – Titanic Mass
05 – Keys To Paradise
06 – I Want To Live Forever
07 – The Beast Inside
08 – Break Into The Wild
09 – Crack In The Shell
10 – Free Man’s Anthem
11 – The Smoking Gun

Nils Molin (vox)
Love Magnusson (guitar)
Mikael Lavér (guitar)
Jonathan Olsson (bass)
George Egg (drums)


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