DION BAYMAN – Don’t Look Down (2016)

DION BAYMAN - Don't Look Down (2016) full

We were already impressed by Australian DION BAYMAN‘s previous works (featured here on the blog) and his irresistible, infectious Melodic Rock hooks.
2016, and Dion Bayman is back with new album “Don’t Look Down“, and he is back in a big way.

Bayman manages all the aspects of his music, playing all instruments, producing, etc, and it’s truly incredible the quality of the entire package, considering this is a one-man product.
The first thing I noticed when listening to this new album “Don’t Look Down” was that Dion has not lost a step. He still sounds fantastic vocally. He still produces top notch sounding records and most of all… he still writes insanely catchy songs.
Listen to, well actually any track on the record, but one of my personal favorites, “Keep Coming Back”, and hear for yourself.

This man has consistently one upped each album, taking everything that worked on his previous album, tweaking it and making it even better on his next one. His 2007 release Truth Or Dare was good. His 2013 Smoke And Mirrors was very good, and his 2014 opus, Afterburn, outstanding.

I had my doubts as to if Bayman would be able to write another record with the strength of his last. After all, that was easily one of the best melodic pop rock records to come along since Richard Marx, Rick Springfield and Bryan Adams were in their prime, and let’s face it, those are some seriously big shoes to fill.
As it turns out, those doubts were completely unwarranted.

Musically, we are treated to the same infectious melodies, the same superb vocals and the same strength in songwriting that we have seen from Bayman before. Occasionally we hear a bit of an edgy side, but he still stays within the melodic, guitar driven, melodic rock arena that we already know and love from him.
His crystal clear vocals fit this style perfectly and you can’t help but wonder why this man isn’t all over the radio.
His voice is above reproach, a clear and beautiful vocal throughout the whole record as usual. His production, as stated earlier, is top notch and competes with anyone releasing on big named record labels. And the songs here are all fantastic with not a filler track in sight.

DION BAYMAN - Don't Look Down (2016) back

If you are a fan of his previous work and catchy as Hell prime ’80s Melodic Rock, you need “Don’t Look Down”. It’s high output of catchy, melodic, hook-filled songs that will have you singing along in no time.
If you have not heard his previous work then only one question remains; What are you waiting for???
Highly Recommended

01. One More Reason
02. 24 Hours a Day
03. Keep Coming Back
04. For You
05. This Time
06. Had to Let You Know
07. Open Your Heart
08. The Last One
09. It’s Only Love
10. Before My Eyes

Dion Bayman: all vocals, instruments and programming


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