DANGER ZONE – Closer To Heaven (2016)

DANGER ZONE - Closer To Heaven (2016) full

Melodic Hard Rockers DANGER ZONE are releasing tomorrow “Closer To Heaven“, a really entertaining slice of classic ’80s inspired stuff. Hailing from Italy, Danger Zone was founded in the early Eighties releasing a successful album and opening for major acts, but seems good luck has been eluding the band since.
Now firmly established into the scene for more than five years and always commanded by guitarist Roberto Priori, Danger Zone strikes back with vengeance.

“Closer To Heaven” is definitely a step in the right direction for Danger Zone.
The album is packed with strong songs and the way Priori & Co. deliver their blend of classic melodic hard rock bumped up with an AOR accessibility is the way to go in the future.
You can hear this confident sound in the hooks of songs like ‘Go! (Closer To Heaven)’, ‘Here Where I Belong’, and the groovy ‘I Love Crazy’. Yet that latter track also betrays Danger Zone’s fundamental pursuit, straight up hard rock.

‘All For You’, ‘Human Contact’, and ‘Higher Than High’, for example are driven by strapping heavy riffs and a thundering bottom end. It’s not to say they aren’t with groove or melody, they’re just heavier.
An additional description for the band and music, which basically follows the band’s roots, is that it is strongly and deliberately guitar driven. After all the founder and principal composer is guitarist Roberto Priori, and he brings the riffs and the ripping leads.
Check out, also, the song that closes the album, ‘Hard Rock Paradise’, another highlight which is, of course, a pure classy hard rock heaven indeed.

DANGER ZONE - Closer To Heaven (2016) back

In “Closer To Heaven” Danger Zone tried to produce one possible hit after another, and to be honest, succeed on almost all the eleven tracks here.
These are full-fledged stadium ready rockers that bait you into singing along every single time. Additionally Danger Zone rages on with their radio-friendly AOR, without the overly sexual edge and more focused on a feel-good vibe.
A very entertaining, catchy and well executed comeback. That dream of making it big in L.A. might all of a sudden even be a realistic goal for these Italian gentlemen.
Highly Recommended


01 – Turn It Up
02 – Go! (Closer To Heaven)
03 – Higher Than High
04 – I’m All In
05 – Here Where I Belong
06 – I Love Crazy
07 – All For You
08 – T’night
09 – Human Contact
10 – Not That Lonely
11 – Hard Rock Paradise

Giacomo Gigantelli – Vocals
Roberto Priori – Guitars
Matteo Minghetti – Bass
Paolo Palmieri – Drums
Pier Mazzini – keyboards
Michele Luppi – keyboards



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