TOSELAND – Cradle The Rage (2016)

TOSELAND - Cradle The Rage (2016) full

Moving forward from his professional motorcycle racing career, the multi-talented James Toseland has managed to make a name for himself in the music industry within an impressively short space of time as the frontman for his own Hard Rock band, TOSELAND.
Two years after the release of their critically successful debut album (prsented here on the blog) Toseland is back with “Cradle The Rage“, their new studio album.

“Cradle The Rage” has been produced again by Toby Jepson (known as the vocalist for Little Angels) and mixed by legendary producer Mike Fraser (known for his work with AC/DC, Metallica, Motley Crue, etc).
Toseland encompass everything you like in a well-rooted Rock band, from the dynamic tenor vocals to the well-integrated heavy guitar riffs, which both act as the driving force behind each track.
From the outset, you know you’re listening to the dominating force of pure Rock and Roll.

The Hard Rock quintet that makes up Toseland gives the band their energetic centre, which diversifies each track in such a way that it avoids becoming even remotely repetitive or comparable to the generic Rock music that is heard day in day out.
Each band member seems to bring something unique to the table, whist all thriving for the same goal of producing badass modernised Classic Hard Rock sounds.

TOSELAND - Cradle The Rage (2016) inside

“Cradle The Rage” is fast paced from start to finish, not unlike the lifestyle James Toseland has been accustomed to.
All songs are really well devised, with well-written lyrics and heavily influenced tracks. The title track, ‘Cradle The Rage’ is a great example of this, a combination of Glam Rock guitar squeals and upbeat sounds.

‘Too Close To Call’ is the opening track, which instantly sets the perfect tone for the entire album. The thumping drums and raging riffs collaborate brilliantly with the strong hooks of Toseland’s dominant gritty vocals.
His distinctive voice is really well controlled and balanced throughout, which comes through on tracks like ‘Livin’ A Lie’ and ‘Never Love Another’.

‘Fingers Burned’ takes the tone down slightly to a more relaxed Thunder vibe, but with some great bluesy tones in the instrumentals and build, backed up by an orchestra. The guitar solo in this song is so powerful and raw I didn’t want it to end.
The track drains out to make way for the classic Rock ‘n’ Roll sound Toseland are already renowned for in ‘Stranger Things’, opening with a background riff which reminded me a lot of Guns N’ Roses Welcome To The Jungle.

TOSELAND - Cradle The Rage (2016) back

The non-stop high energy tracklisting goes to show this is a band who produce music they can’t get enough of, and would listen to themselves.
Rather than catering for each and every potential listener through the odd addition of mellow or alternative song styles, they stick with what they know they’re best at, and ultimately what’s going to get a crowd pumped.
If you have an appreciation for Classic Rock / Hard, powerful riffs and brawny vocals, you’re sure to like “Cradle The Rage”. Rocks like a 3 legged chair.
Strongly Recommended

01 – Too Close To Call
02 – Puppet On A Chain
03 – Living In A Moment
04 – Fingers Burned
05 – Stranger Things
06 – We’ll Stop At Nothing
07 – Never Love Another
08 – Livin’ A Lie
09 – Waiting For The Answers
10 – Nothin’ You Can Do About It
11 – Cradle The Rage

James Toseland – Vocals, Keyboards
Zurab Melua – Guitars
Ed Bramford – Guitars
Roger Davis – Bass
Joe Yoshida – Drums


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