THE LAST VEGAS – Eat Me (2016)

THE LAST VEGAS - Eat Me (2016) full

Since their foundation in 2004 THE LAST VEGAS have been releasing varied and different albums (the last two featured here at 0dayrox) using different producers to achieve a distinctive sound. For the brand new CD “Eat Me” to be released tomorrow March 18, the band choose to produce themselves, but turned over mixing and mastering two the Swedish duo of Chris Laney & Classe Persson.

As usual with The Last Vegas, “Eat Me” has 11 varied numbers ranging from the Enuff Z’Nuff psychedelic balladry of ‘Universe & You’, the groove laden ‘Hot Fudge’ which brings classic ’70s Aerosmith to mind, to ‘Bloodthirsty’ which veers between Cheap Trick verses and snarling Guns N’ Roses choruses.
Then ‘Hard To Get Over’ has The Last Vegas sounding like they warped back to The New York Dolls’ heyday, stole some of their songs, and rearranged them in glammy sleaze sneer.

THE LAST VEGAS - Eat Me (2016) inside

Vocalist Chad Cherry is Tom Keifer on ‘Along For The Ride’ which sounds like the love child of Cinderella & Nazareth… there is even a touch of Cher on here with its “gypsies, tramps & thieves” refrain.
‘Anything It Takes’ brings back the Enuff Z’Nuff influence with its moody, slow, melodic delivery that tries to bring out some real heartfelt emotion.
‘Hard To Get Over (You’re So)’ deserves a special mention as the first minute is just the clip clop of wooden blocks and Chad’s gravel vocals…different…

As you see, this new The Last Vegas album seems to explore versatility.
What “Eat Me” has in common however is that all compositions swing with rock-steady percussion, assorted chunky guitar riffs, and multiple choruses amid dramatic start-stops throughout the record.

With Eat Me, the band has confidently branched out from the shadows of being another “’80s rock” band and now own their matured sound. Fans of the classic The Last Vegas sound will however feel at home with other tracks carrying their more fun signature sound such as the rocking ‘Voodoo Woman’.

One outstanding feature on “Eat Me” (as with all The Last Vegas albums) is the stunning display of Chad Cherry’s vocal range. Cherry covers so many different styles and pitches that it often sounds as though the band has employed multiple lead vocalists, sometimes channeling a young Steven Tyler, others Robin Zander, Tom Keifer, etc.
Different & GoodStrongly Recommended

01 – Bloodthirsty
02 – Here We Go Again
03 – Universe & You
04 – Hot Fudge
05 – Along for the Ride
06 – Voodoo Woman
07 – Love’s Got Nothing on Me
08 – Hard to Get over (You’re So)
09 – To Be Treated
10 – Anything It Takes
11 – From Hell

Chad Cherry – vocals
Adam Arling – guitar
Johnny Wator – guitar
Bryan Wilkinson – guitar
Danny Smash – bass
Nathan Arling – drums


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