SHOWBIZ – Enjoy The Ride (2016)

SHOWBIZ - Enjoy The Ride (2016) full

Founded by Albert Maroto, ex-guitar player of Dreamaker and Dark Moor, SHOWBIZ is a new Melodic Rock band from Spain ready to release their debut album “Enjoy The Ride” tomorrow, March 23, 2016, via MelodRock Records. The band also features Nacho Arriaga on drums (Arwen, ex Inn-trance) and Xone Aranda on bass (Time Symmetry).

“Enjoy The Ride” is an album that compares quite closely to Danger Danger, Firehouse, Brighton Rock, Damn Yankees, etc. It’s the kind of Melodic Rock / Pop Metal that went over well in the late ’80s and early ’90s, the sound we all love.
Albert Maroto has a chance to unleash some killer guitar riffs, but most of the songs are extremely melodic ready for the Summer.

Opener ‘What U See is What You Get’ is one of the harder tracks on the album, a song with a cool guitar structure (George Lynch / Lynch Mob style) and perhaps some Extreme, followed by the catchy, bass pumped ‘Everybody’s Got A Chance’, also adorned with nice keyboards. A real highlight and showcasing ShowBiz great production skills.

‘My Big Mistake’ is in the form of an elegant midtempo melodic rocker with some Def Leppard on it, then ‘Succubus’ rocks with a hooky guitar. ‘Keep On Singing That Song’ it’s a classic rock inspired track including vintage organ and it’s a nice variation on the album, same with the groovy and modern ‘This Time’.

More quality Melodic Rock comes with the hooky ‘Ticket To Nowhere’ (Danger Danger fans will love this one) and the slightly pop metal oriented ‘Six-String Mad’.
‘Find Your Way Home’ is the ballad on the CD, a true power ballad akin Damn Yankees, including acoustic guitars into the mix and lovely harmony vocals.

SHOWBIZ - Enjoy The Ride (2016) inside

“Enjoy The Ride” is a really, really good Melodic Rock album inspired – mostly – by the American sound between 1989-1991, and ShowBiz are pretty darn good a it.
Albert Maroto not only delivers some hot riffs / solos and sings (very well) in a classy Tommy Shaw / Jack Blades style, but also has managed to obtain a terrific sound on the album. Production is big, bright, clear and punchy.
Highly Recommended

01 – What U See Is What U Get
02 – Everybody’s Got A Chance
03 – My Big Mistake
04 – Succubus
05 – Push Me To The Limit
06 – Keep On Singing That Song
07 – This Time
08 – Six-String Mad
09 – Find Your Way Home
10 – Ticket To Nowhere

Albert Maroto – Lead Vocals, Guitars
Nacho Arriaga – Drums
Xone Aranda – Bass


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