RUSTED GUNS – Rusted Guns [EP] (2016)

RUSTED GUNS - Rusted Guns [EP] (2016) full

RUSTED GUNS is a Swiss 4-piece which are releasing their self-titled debut where the band has done everything right in their goal to revive classic ’80s Californian glammy hard rock: this EP sound like if is was recorded in 1985.

Although a professional band with a show schedule over central Europe the four young members of Rusted Guns are still in the University, and for the recording of this EP they had a little trouble finding the time (and money) to finish the product.
But believe me, well worth the wait.

Rusted Guns love the ’80s, more specifically the Sunset Strip Glam / Hard movement. With the riffs, the cowbell, and a singer which is like a Jani Lane clone, the guys have the look for the shows (hairspray / custom instruments) but essentially the songs. The good songs.
And man, what a darn fine songs.

Opener ‘Never Die’ sounds like a mix between Dokken and Firehouse, you have some Black N’ Blue layered backing vocals on ‘Nice Boys Play Hard’, then ‘She’s On Fire’ feels like a Ratt lost song, while melodic ‘Cock Your Guns’ is pure Warrant.

Perhaps you’re thinking; ok, there’s good songs but mere carbon-copy from the aforementioned acts. Not at all. Of course Californian glammy hard rock has a skeleton as style (and quite simple if you ask me) but you need to have ‘the touch’ to make them work.
Rusted Guns not only has the magic mojo to re-capture this genre like few did in the last 25 years, but also were capable to write some really catchy tunes.

RUSTED GUNS - Rusted Guns [EP] (2016) inside

And perhaps all over the mentioned above, the key of success in “Rusted Guns” is production. Yeah, this is the “sounding more ’80s than many ’80s records” I heard in a long, long time.
I don’t know who helped the guys into the studio or if it’s managed by themselves, but production on “Rusted Guns” is awesome. Not bombastic, not raw, just in between to rock hard and not losing the energy but remaining clean, pristine.
Take as example Dokken’s Tooth And Nail or the first Black N’ Blue album… you get the picture… not a perfect production but rockin’ as hell.
I love this, and I hope Rusted Guns keep playing and recording, with a full length CD coming soon.
HIGHLY Recommended

01 – Never Die
02 – Nice Boys Play Hard
03 – She’s On Fire
04 – Cock Your Guns
05 – Time Has Come
06 – Shit On The Wall

Lucas Clay Widmer – Lead & Backing Vocals, Bass
Fabian de Cecilia – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Luc Hangartner – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Andy Portmann – Drums


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