PAT TRAVERS and CARMINE APPICE – The Balls Album (2016)

PAT TRAVERS and CARMINE APPICE - The Balls Album (2016) full

Legendary drummer Carmine Appice and guitarist Pat Travers each hold their own place in the annals of Rock and Roll history. Imagine the duo joining forces with the ingenious bass work of TM Stevens (Tina Turner, Steve Vai), and the result is PAT TRAVERS and CARMINE APPICE : The Balls Album, indeed, a ballsy powerful collection of bluesy hard rock tunes in the true classic mould.

Released today, “The Balls Album” CD encloses what the classic hard rock-meets-hard-drivin’ blues fan can provide his money for. Neither Pat nor Carmine have something to attest to anybody, they just fix on jammin’ into simply bated riff-full tunes and welcome TM Stevens to fill in the bass gap (and he does a terrific job).
Real Hard Rock music played with ‘a lot of balls’, this CD is surely appropriate for driving, hanging out with your friends for booze, but most of all proves the imminent relationship between bluesy Rock & the straight-forward Hard & Heavy sound we all know and adore.

Carmine Appice still plays like a heated youngster cruelly pounding his suffering skins, while Pat Travers with really no-remorse explodes with anger on his six-string equal every now and then with unbelievable pure hard rockin’ riff work or dominant solos
Tracks like the guitar-driven ‘Better From A Distance’, the Hendrix-based ‘Remind Me to Forget You’, the thunder-and-lightning ‘Keep On Rockin’ (check Carmine’s intro hammering… devastating), the southern-Rock ‘Escape the Fire’ or the catchy ‘Taken’, this bunch of songs presents how much Balls you gotta have to play simple Hard Rock. That simple…

PAT TRAVERS and CARMINE APPICE - The Balls Album (2016) inside

If you’re in for an honest Classic Rock album, featuring a mix of power blues and hard rock, I guess it won’t take a lot of balls to purchase this item. “The Balls Album” rocks.
Pat Travers guitar really smokes and his voice gets better as he gets older. Carmine Appice is a monster drummer showing his power and virtuosity all over this recording, and T.M. Stevens is the perfect completion providing mammoth bass lines plus a heavy-funk touch.
Classic Rock in its purest, primal form.

01 – Taken
02 – Better from a Distance
03 – Escape the Fire
04 – Rock Me
05 – I Don’t Care
06 – Remind Me to Forget You
07 – Hey You
08 – I Can’t Let You Go
09 – Never Saw It Coming
10 – Stand Up
11 – Keep on Rockin’
12 – Gotta Have Ya
13 – Tonite (Bonus Track)
14 – Never Gonna Give You Up (Bonus Track)

Pat Travers – Guitars, Vocals
Carmine Appice – Drums, Vocals
TM Stevens – Bass, Vocals
Uriah Duffy – add. Bass
Greg Hampton – Backing Vocals, Production


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