MOB RULES – Tales From Beyond (2016)

MOB RULES - Tales From Beyond (2016) full

German 6-piece MOB RULES recently celebrated 20 years in the music business releasing the massive box set Timekeeper. Now the band returns with their eighth studio album “Tales From Beyond“.
The first thing to say about the new record scheduled for March 18th, is that it is arguably the most ‘British’ that Mob Rules have sounded in a while.

Yeah, Mob Rules has been one of the most consistent metal bands from the last twenty years, but honestly their brand of Teutonic power metal did not impress me much. Ok and solid stuff, no more.
2016’s “Tales From Beyond” is a quite different beast to me. And I like it. A lot.

Seems Mob Rules have returned to their roots here, and their melodic blend of classic metal, NWOBHM and heavy hard rock, alongside the band’s incredible musicianship, has produced a terrific album.
Take the best part of Black Sabbath’s second half of the ’80s (Tony Martin era), a pinch of Iron Maiden and the punch, modernity and catchiness of Allen / Lande, and you have “Tales From Beyond”.

This is melodic metal at its best.
Throughout the album, there are enough memorable choruses, hooks, solos and engaging riffs, all performed with consummate professionalism to divert the listener’s attention from the fact that Mob Rules might sound similar to others and instead focus on enjoying the output on its own merits.

MOB RULES - Tales From Beyond (2016) inside

All tracks are good and kickin’, rocking, and always entertaining. Even title track, which is split into three sections.
Spanning over 15 minutes, it is a sprawling affair that offers the listener a little bit of everything that Mob Rules has to offer. Stomping mid-tempo riffs, solos, compelling vocals and lashings of understated atmosphere all play a part in ending the album on a real high.

I haven’t followed closely Mob Rules’ discography over the years, but I think it’s pretty safe to say that “Tales From Beyond” is the best album of their career. This is classic stuff but updated to modern times, with a gigantic, punchy production which put the already excellent Allen / Lande’s into shame.
Song-wise, the material here is brilliant; heavy but catchy, edgy but pristine.
This is a kind of albums that will appeal not only traditional metal fans, but also groovy hard rock listeners. Apart from the above mentioned acts, think Magnus Karlsson’s Free Fall.

01. Dykemaster’s Tale
02. Somerled
03. Signs
04. On The Edge
05. My Kingdom Come
06. The Healer
07. Dust Of Vengeance
08. A Tale From Beyond (Part 1: Through The Eye Of The Storm)
09. A Tale From Beyond (Part 2: A Mirror Inside)
10. A Tale From Beyond (Part 3: Science Save Me!)

Klaus Dirks – Vocals
Matthias Mineur – Guitars
Sven Lüdke – Guitars
Jan Christian Halfbrodt – Keyboards
Markus Brinkmann – Bass
Nikolas Fritz – Drums


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