MAX NAVARRO – Somewhere South Of Heaven (2016)

MAX NAVARRO - Somewhere South Of Heaven (2016) full

Italo-Canadian singer / songwriter MAX NAVARRO is releasing his fourth album “Somewhere South Of Heaven“, a collection of timeless melodic rock tunes inspired by ’80s sounds.
These are honest, from the heart, highly melodious songs but intrinsically energetic and catchy.

Navarro changed some band members since the last album, and took 3 years to get a tight sound as unit with this new line-up, besides, to carefully craft the songs for this new effort “Somewhere South of Heaven”.
Since opener ‘Nine Flares’ – an anthemic arena ready rocker – the album delivers catchy song after song.

‘Sick Sentimental Plans’ is packed with an irresistible chorus and an instantly memorable melody, title track adds a touch of modernity, while ‘Stay’ slow down things a little for a poppy feel akin Cheap Trick.
On tracks like ‘Hollywood’ Navarro & Co harden the proceedings showing the band’s more muscular side, on the other hand, closer ‘Bad Day’ is a midtempo ballad remembering the times when REO Speedwagon dominated the radio.

MAX NAVARRO - Somewhere South Of Heaven (2016) inside

“Somewhere South of Heaven” is a trip back to the songwriting style of ’80s radio-rock yet with a modern, organic sound.
Blending the classic waves of Billy Squier, Rick Springfield, Cheap Trick with more contemporary colleagues such as the underrated John Taglieri, the truly melodic vocals of Max Navarro and his excellent band have created a lovely album plenty of harmonies and Summer-ready songs.
Very Recommended.

01 – Nine Flares
02 – Sick Sentimental Plans
03 – All Over With You
04 – Somewhere South Of Heaven
05 – Hollywood
06 – Saturday Night
07 – Stay
08 – Come What May
09 – Bad Day

Max Philip Navarro – lead vocals, guitars
John Paul Bellucci – lead guitars
Nick Mayer – keyboards, backing vocals
Alex Parpinel – drums
Danny Policella – bass, backing vocals


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