LEE AARON – Fire And Gasoline (2016)

LEE AARON - Fire And Gasoline (2016) full

On March 25, Canadian songstress LEE AARON returns to the scene with her hotly anticipated new album “Fire And Gasoline“.
Aaron was one of the ‘metal Queens’ of the ’80s with albums like ‘Metal Queen’, ‘Call of the Wild’ and ‘Bodyrock’ cementing her female-fronted melodic hard rock status.
But later she concentrated in other styles, and considering her last release took place in 2004 and was a very much jazzy pop based album, it’s a nice surprise that “Fire And Gasoline” marks Aaron’s return to rock n’ roll.

The first track is entitled “Tomboy” and one thing is pretty clear already at this early stage; “Fire and Gasoline” has nothing to do with jazz anymore. On the other hand it’s also not metal a la ‘Metal Queen’ either. The new longplayer is a solid Rock album that sounds like a rougher version of Robin Beck.
“Tomboy”, a song originally written for Aaron’s daughter, is a rocker with a lot of power, actually it’s real empowerment for being yourself and being self-confident.
A kind of new territory is “Wanna Be”, a bubble-gum rock song that has some well-done hooks.

“Bittersweet” instead is a true rockin’ track that comes with a great melody, while “50 Miles” has a far more dark vibe. Lee Aaron’s voice fits very well to this kind of tracks. I actually was reminded of the Contraband’s ‘All the Way From Memphis’ when it listened to “50 Miles”. Maybe it was the chorus that let this thought grow in my mind.

LEE AARON - Fire And Gasoline (2016) inside

“Nothing Says Everything” is perhaps the more melodic hard rock cut on the CD, a song that feels like a track from Heart crossed with the present more edgy Robin Beck.
Title track “Fire And Gasoline” also go in the same vein yet with a more modern groove, and some traces of Lee’s hard rocking ’80s sound is found on “Heart Fix”.
“Nothing Says Everything” is a solid mid-tempo again in a style of Robin Beck or Fiona last works, then “Find The Love” end the album with some kind of relax, not exactly a ballad.

“Fire And Gasoline” is the return of Lee Aaron to the Rock field, not ‘metallic’ as in the Eighties but far better than what I have it expected to be considering her last works. But that was more than ten years ago, and seems the ‘metal Queen’ is back to reclaim her crown.
It’s great to have her voice back, a good ‘fuel’ for a good day.


01 – Tom Boy
02 – Fire And Gasoline
03 – Wanna Be
04 – Bittersweet
05 – Popular
06 – 50 Miles
07 – Bad Boyfriend
08 – Heart Fix
09 – Nothing Says Everything
10 – If You Don’t Love Me Anymore
11 – Find The Love



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